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I had wanted to compete for years, but I thought it was only for people who did fitness full time (ex. Professional youtubers). I met a guy in college who had competed and won a bodybuilding show and I was so inspired to know a ďnormalĒ person could compete and do well. He ended up becoming my boyfriend and weíve been dating for two years, having competed in a show together in March.

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Diet: I am one who struggles with the off season structure for sure! When Iím on prep, a flip switches on in my brain and I am 100% on my diet prepared for me by my coach. Off season I am much more lenient about the foods I eat. But Iíve found gaining muscle comes from eating MORE, specifically protein and carbs (mostly around my workouts). What helps best with cutting is the combination of a nutrition plan and the right supplements.
I tried a super low calorie macro plan for my first show and it didnít go well at all. And my carb cycle went from about 20-275g carbs. For my last show in which I qualified for nationals, my carb cycle varied less (65-150g carbs) and I stuck to a structured meal plan. That worked best for me!

I failed at my first competition, so going onstage the second time around I wanted to show what I worked so hard for over the past year. For redemption. And a lot of it is just being comfortable in your own skin!

Training: Lifting 6 days per week, cardio 6 days per week post training. I didnít do fasted cardio this last prep but it can be very useful when cutting. Training has always been easier than dieting for me, so I hit the gym almost every day. With dieting in the off season I just try to stick as close to my macros as possible.

Show experience: Check ins were great. I spoke to the Head Judge at the Bikini station and he was super nice and energetic which got me excited. During pre judging I got in my head about the previous year and not placing. I was in such a negative place in my head I almost didnít hear them calling my name for first call outs! That just goes to prove that we are our own worst enemy lol. Then for finals I knew Iíd be on top 2, but didnít know which place which was exciting but stressful. I kept telling myself Iíd be okay with whatever place because I came in better than last year! At the end of the day you have to be proud of what you brought to the stage no matter what the judges say!

Being an athlete: My life revolves around it. It is my passion and my job. I recently quit my full time job managing at a gym to launch my own coaching business online and I love it! Itís my purpose.

My goal is to continue growing my brand while changing as many peoples lives as possible for the better. I aim to empower my clients to live healthier and overall higher quality lives through fitness. I also plan on becoming an IFBB Bikini pro.


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