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Lisa: When I started college, I was asked by a friend to attend a yoga class at a local gym. Always being up for an adventure, I decided to give it a try! After that class I came to the conclusion that yoga was NOT my thing….after class I decided to try out some gym equipment & I loved it. I was VERY thin and tall (I am close to 5’8”) so I worked out for a few years to put on some muscle. Competing had never crossed my mind. I met some powerlifters at my gym & actually did my first few competitions in powerlifting.

As I continued to train, I met some people who competed in bodybuilding & decided to give that a try. I competed in 3 shows & decided that my physique was too small to be competitive in bodybuilding. I continued to train for 10 years, moved to Florida from Massachusetts & started thinking about competing again when the Women’s Physique Division was introduced. In January 2012 I decided to get serious & began working with IFBB WP Pro Jill Dearmin to help get me back into contest shape. I have been competing in Women’s Physique since then!!

Lisa Horrigan  Lisa Horrigan

Lisa Horrigan

My diet doesn’t change a whole lot off-season to pre-contest. The main changes pre-contest are gradually reducing calories & rotating my carbs. Of course pre-contest I also account for every calorie I eat & don’t allow myself any “extras” or alcohol (I love red wine!!), although I eat pretty clean off-season. The diet I find works best for my body to build muscle & lose fat is high protein, moderate fat & low carb/carb rotation. I eat an average of 2100 calories but this goes down the closer I get to a show. I eat mostly white meat, fish & green vegetables with red meat 2-3 times a week. For carbs I use oatmeal, grits, sweet potato, rice or rice cakes. I have tried higher carb, lower fat diets & they do not seem to work well for my body type. I would hold too much water & not lose the fat that I need to. I also do not seem to have as much energy to keep up the intensity of my workouts once I remove too many good fats from my diet. I think diet is a very individual thing & you have to find what works for your body through trial & error.

The only real weight loss supplements I take are Cellucor Super HD fat burners twice a day pre-contest. I take the first one at 5 am before I train and the second one around 1pm. I don’t tolerate many stimulants well so those combined with my Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy (caffeinated BCAAs) that I drink while training are enough to keep my energy up & assist with weight loss.

I train back, shoulders & legs twice a week & arms once a week. I do ab work 3 times a week. I train my upper body much heavier than legs since I naturally have bigger legs. For legs I do higher reps with plyo between sets. Off-season I do cardio 3-4 times a week for 20-30 min. This increases during contest prep & I also add in sprints & agility training. I balance training & diet by prepping all of my meals in advance & always taking my food with me. I have a diet plan & stick to it so that I always know my macros & I can manipulate different things to make changes in my body.

I am currently training for the NPC West Palm Beach Anna Level at the end of June and the NPC Master’s Nationals July 19.

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