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Lisa: In December 2005 I had surgery in which I needed to have a blood transfusion. For 5 months I was in pain and on heavy pain killers. I decided to take my life back. I started seeing a chiropractor Neil Liebman in New Jersey. Dr Liebman worked with me and I started reading Oxygen magazine. Monica Brandt was who inspired me to go on a mission of looking the best I could. By February 2006, I decided to hire a trainer Steve Hines who trained me for my first competition in 2006. I entered bodybuilding because at that time physique was not a category and I had to many striations for figure. This was my first win and also won best female poser. After that competition, again I went down. Extreme migraines. So I fell out.

In 2009 I had a 2 level cervical fusion and was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which kept me down until 2011. I again look at myself and decided to take back control of my life. I started training again. Finally in April 2013, I contacted my friend and coach Nick Venazio and Tammy Ossa to help me get ready for my first competition in West Palm, Florida in June 2013, the Anna Level. I came in first and overall. This competition qualified for National. I competed in August 2013 at the IFBB North American Championship in the open division which I came in 2nd and in Masters over 45 in which I came in first and overall. This is where I earned my IFBB Pro Card. In April 2014 I entered my first Pro show at the Orlando Europa in which I placed 7th. I was so excited and honored to place in the top 10 amongst tough competition.

Lisa Grasso  Lisa Grasso

Lisa Grasso. Unbreakable.

Off season my diet doesn't change to much. I try to stay within 10 lbs of my pre-contest weight. I add more steak into my diet and I do cheat with ice cream and chocolate, but all within moderation. What diet have you found most effective to lose weight and build muscle (meals, calories) For me I don't consider a diet, but a life style change. I look at food as fuel for my body. I stay consistent with my intake of protein carbohydrates and healthy fats. Approximately 2500 calories.

There hasn't been a competition diet that has failed me. I stayed disciplined with my meals and didn't cheat. I have figured out that I am carb sensitive so I have lowered the amount of carb intake, which has done me well Why weren't they effective? Not applicable.

I do not take any supplement for weight loss. The only supplements I take are Dymatize Elite Whey protein, USP Lab Cissus to help with joint, tendon and ligament healing and a Vitamin Shoppe multivitamin. How and when do you take them in your diet plan? I have a protein shake before and after my training. The Cissus I take in the morning and at night and the multi vitamin also in the morning.

I train one body part a day. I hit my weaker body parts twice a weak and cardio 4-5 a week for 30-45 minutes. The only body parts I do together are my biceps and triceps. How do you balance training with diet? Balancing training with diet go hand in hand. I will not take in processed foods. I have my meals prepared for the week. This makes the balance extremely easy.

I am entering the Tampa Pro August 8-9 and hoping to bring a better package to the stage then the Europa in which I learned a lot of what I needed to work on. I wanted to do more shows, but this sport is very expensive. I am a single mother of 3 sons, whose needs come first before my wants. I am hopeful in 2015 I will qualify for the Olympia. I am also hopeful the Arnold Classic has a Women's Physique Pro division and get invited to compete. Both are dreams that I want to become a reality.

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