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We emigrated to Canada in 2011 and the socializing and making a new life for ourselves involved dinner parties and BBQs and not as much training as I would have liked. The weight slowly crept on and by February 2015 I had reached nearly 180lbs, the heaviest I had been since being pregnant with my second child! I decided I needed a goal to lose the weight so decided to lose weight and compete in my first fitness competition. It was only meant to be one competition but I got the bug!

Amazing photo shoot with @dave_laus today! Had so much fun with #teambodybybrandt Thanks to @proelitetan for amazing tan and makeup and my coach and friend @deanbrandt365 for helping me reach my full potential with my physique!! #happygirl #bikinicompetitor #personaltrainer #bodybybrandt #fitat45

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My diet off season contains a lot of the same foods as when I am in Competition prep. As a trainer I try to ensure my diet is clean and full of lean proteins and lots of veggies and low GI carbs.My competition prep diet consists of 5 meals: Meal 1-Rice cakes with protein paste or egg whites, Meal 2-chicken, 1/2 avocado, veggies, Meal 3- Basa and sweet potato, Meal 4- Chicken and veggies, Meal 5- Basa, sweet potatoes, veggies. The calories are around 1300, 140g protein, 30g fat, 100g carbs. Around 6 weeks out the chicken is all changed to Basa or cod instead of chicken. The last week of prep is when the diet changes considerably. 2 low carb day, 2 normal carb days and then 2 high carb days where I have more white rice, rice cakes, almond butter and peanut butter. I also take Total Body Health supplements every day....All of their products are 100% natural with no sweetener or fillers. I take L-Carnatine, Omega 3, Natural fat burners Oxy3 and BCAAs/Amino Acids.When I am not on prep I allow myself a reward meal once a week where I have a burger or pizza. I also Intermittent fast 2x a week for 16 hours.

I have had two coaches and two different meal plans. The first coach’s meal plan was quite effective but kept me on dairy and berries and rice until around 6 weeks out. My current coach Dean Brandt took out fruits, dairy and eggs from 12 weeks and it helped me lean out a lot more quickly. He also made sure that my diet was low in sodium even making sure that the frozen fish I was using was less than 40mg per portion. I never felt deprived on my diet though and the ‘hangry’ moments didn’t really happen until my final couple of weeks.

After going through my transformation journey I was excited to get on stage and show my achievements. Lots of practice posing helped too. I practice whenever I can even when cooking dinner! I was nervous and excited at the same time but knowing family and friends were in the audience cheering me on have me the confidence to get on stage and shine!

My coach gave me 6 resistance programs a week. They were split into 3 lower body and 3 upper body. They incorporated 2 muscle groups plus core/abs. They were Metabolic/HIIT training meaning that the rest period was short enabling me to fat burn while resistance training. I also did cardio for 45 mins every day from mainly the Stairmaster and our local Coquitlam Crunch in order to target my glutes and legs.

My most recent competition was BC Cup Naturals on 23rd June under Canadian Physique Alliance federation.I was registered for Masters and Grand Masters. The athlete meeting was very organized and the promoters surpassed all my expectations. They provided amazing athlete swag and the check in process was well organized and straightforward. It was great to have the CPA head judge there giving information about what to expect on the day. Prejudging was also well organized. I was amazed at how organized it was, previous shows I have been in had run behind. The atmosphere back stage was fabulous! Everyone was supportive of each other, nobody was bitchy just very supportive. I felt amazing getting on that stage. The day was long though so by the Finals I was pretty exhausted. Getting on that stage and hearing my name in the top five for both my categories was AMAZING! All my hard work over the last 12 weeks was recognized

Not only am I an athlete but a Personal Trainer too so I am an advert for my business. This means I have to keep in good shape all the time. I also have 2 children so juggling a family, training clients and being an athlete can sometimes be challenging but it’s a case of prioritizing and scheduling my training into my day. Preparation is key too. As long as I am prepared (meal and training) being an athlete just fits into my daily life! It becomes the norm!

Future plans - to concentrate on my PT business and help others achieve their goals. I have qualified for Natural Nationals next August so I will look to carry on my training and improve my physique so that I can prep for them May next year and bring my best to the stage!


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