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I have grown up an athlete, however not one in heels. I took on an interest in body building as I became a flight attendant in 2016. I picked up a trip to have a free hotel in LAX, and went to the LAX FitExpo to check it out. I had been using an online trainer to help with accountability during my travels, so setting an even higher fitness goal seemed like the thing to do. I joined a 30 day online challenge. One where they provided the meal plan, and exercise, because I wanted to make sure I could hold a diet and fully commute through my career. Being a flight attendant is not the most stable career for consistency.

After the 30 day challenge I made amazing progress and knew I could commit to a competition prep. I met with my coach, we discussed different plans to execute my prep even through my travels, and we made it happen! I started my first prep August 2016, and stepped on stage Oct 31, 2016. I took home 1st place open, 1st place Novice, and overall Novice. Needless to say, I was hooked!! Here I am 3 years later.... still dedicated to this sport despite my career!

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??long post alert ??I recently posted a side by side picture explaining progress from March- to now, however today we are taking it back even further-to a exactly 1 year ago- as i continue to talk about my experience through this process. B&A -> top- July 21, 2018-(about a month into prep) Doing hours of cardio, barely any carbs/fats, while having a hectic schedule of a flight attendant & asking my ďold nameless coachĒ??(if you know, you know)for more attainable grounds. Receiving maybe 5% of coaching & his attention. Bottom - July 21, 2019- 7 weeks post show, A LOT OF CARBS + FATS, barely ANY cardio, healthy & not in the gym for hours, to always having a plan B due to work...& most importantly, a coach who is amazing at what he does, listens & cares, AND gives me 110% for the 100% ( at minimum) I give him... This is a product of a GOOD coach/client team. These pictures tell a story & itís finally one Iíve recently been able to open up about & start sharing. Iíll never be able to express the amount of gratitude I have for @nelzonj ???????& the time he has invested in me. However, all I can do is keep on keeping on & making visible progress along the way??I am beyond thankful for everyone who has helped me, and continues to support me in what I choose to do??????#SoEmbarassingAndHardToPost #BeMindfulOfTheCookieCutterCoach #IWasAFixerUpperClient #TeamNelzonJ #NoGlutesNoGlory #tinybutmighty #bodybuilding #npc #npcbikini #mastersbikini #fitness #bowmarnutrition #ifbbpro #motivationmonday #transformation #health #etheridgebabe #etheridgestrong

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My diet changes from contest prep to off season first and foremost to being able to have free cheat meals once a week! In prep, my cheat meals are very structured, and are gauged according to weekly progress. Where as off season I just get, no questions asked. For my body type, I require higher carbs, to maintain my fullness that is typically required in bikini. Everyoneís body is different in how they respond. I am very fortunate and blessed with a system that responds well to carbs. My carbs need to stay over 200 to build and under 200 to loose...

With a previous ďcookie cutterĒ coach, I learned real quick what does not work for me, and that is very low carbs and very low fats. Under 10g of fats a day & under 30g carbs a day. This method helped me gain weight, and store more fat, hold more water, and elevate my cortisol levels to no ends... this method did not work for me, in addition to 2 hours of cardio a day.

Honestly, Iíve done 4 shows and confidence is still something I work on everyday-on and off the stage. Being a flight attendant helps, however I am naturally a shy and reserved person. The person I am ON stage is not who I am OFF stage so it helps me knowing the role I have to play! Also, I never wear heels, but every time Iím on stage there is a sense of freedom I feel in wearing them. The right suit, hair, make up, all these components come together to create this wonder women who will radiate and dominate the stage .... it just pours out of me, and because of that, it is how I know this sport is for me! Lastly, yet most importantly, Iíve got an extremely supportive husband who stops at nothing to make sure I know I am a bikini Goddess, and to let everyone else know it the second my foot touches the stage :)

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Wayyyyyy more pics & thank youís to come.... buttttt a quick post on how we did. Zach received 2nd place out of 11 guys in his classic physique division. I received 2nd place Masters over 35+ out of 5 ladies, and 1st place my open class out of 9 which landed me running for overall show title. I just barely missed it. Was moved into the 2nd place spot and put up a huge fight for it??SO happy with how this show turned out, especially after rebounding from all that Iíve went through with my previous coach. We both brought our best package to date. Thank you so so much to @nelzonj for being just simply amazing. Youíre everything and more I could ever ask for in a coach. Thank you for sticking with me, and guiding me through our very first prep together. Also, thank you to @meredith_mayhem @crystalmayhemdesigns for making me the most amazing suit Iíve ever seen in my life. Iíve never owned a full blinged suit & ive always wanted a black one, so this suit was VERY special to me??What a SHOW & first show as an Etheridge AND out of Georgia??#4thShowInTheBooks #npctennessee #battleattheriver2019 #battleattheriver #bodybuilding #npcbikini #mastersbikini #fitcouples #classicphysique #protanUSA #teamnelzonj #NoGlutesNoGlory #EtheridgeBabe #mrandmrsetheridge #powercouple

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I stay with a coach off season, and right now my coach has my diet set up for us to bring growth to my physique and bring changes for next season. My carbs are high, and we are using all food as fuel to build muscle. I lift with purpose, so theyíre heavy lifts each time. I push weight as much as I can! We also record my weight, and Iím making sure to PR weekly

After my cookie cutter coach experience, and 1 year I wasted, I had to start over with a new coach. We had to do a ďrecompĒ and make sure I would even be able to have a healthy prep again. Once we started prep, Iíd have been off for close to 2 years. I started prep for my 4th show in March 2019, and stepped on stage in July. (This being my first year as a masters bikini, 35+) After all the time off, I was so nervous. I had all these thoughts running through my head. Would the judges like me, would I nail posing, would I still feel the fire beneath my feet, and most of all I asked myself would I belong and deserve to be on stage beside all the other amazing women.... so many emotions and things went through my head. The athlete check in was nerve racking! Imagine standing in line, with tons of strangers not knowing what to expect! Itís always scary seeing other females, checking you out and itís natural to wonder if theyíre your competition. Itís scary wondering if girls will be friendly or the ďIím above youĒ attitude. Prejudge is a waiting game! Itís also a high anxious time... as I worry about not being able to hear them call for bikini to line up, but knowing Iíll be dead last so Iíll have plenty of time... you never know how smooth each show will run! And finals.... ohhhh the best and most exciting time! When you know for sure how you did! Itís so much fun... itís usually more of a crowd... itís just an experience like no other!

Being an athlete affects my whole life in many ways. My husband is also a body builder so we prep food together a lot of the times. We always measure each and every meal. At this point, it is just a habit, itís a lifestyle. Some would say we are food prisoners, but we choose to do this because we enjoy it and for our careers honestly prepping food saves us time and money. Our schedules revolve around the gym a lot of the time. I try to work trips around my weekly gym schedule, or pick overnights where I know the hotel has a good gym.

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??Long post??thatís been coming... just havenít found the words.... back in August of 2016, I took a walk on the wild side, and found an interest in the body building world... as most of you know, started training with my girl @christinacarollo . 2 years & 3 shows later shows she stopped coaching, and that led me to have to find another coach. Well, we have learned this IS VERY HARD!!!! SO-A wasted year later, with a cookie cutter coach, (whose name shall remain nameless but most know??), I started a prep, and had to pull out a few weeks out due to his lack of coaching, and that led me to @nelzonj . He saved me. Words can never tell the story, all I can do are show pictures. I started with him last September. He had to ďfixĒ me ?? and undo what the previous ďcookie cutterĒ coach did. I had gained an excessive amount of fat, and as most of you know on my small frame a little is a lot... we started from scratch it feels... and here we are today. This picture on the left is March - on the right this week. Whatís the diff in weight ? It doesnít matter... whatís the difference in shape, everything. I officially ďlookĒ like Iím in the playing field. Most of you know, Iím a flight attendant, wife, and new home owner. This prep has been nothing short of every complication with a schedule you canít image to have??Lack of sleep, Iím all over... how do I do it, lots of help from my husband and a strong mind full of dedication to this sport?? Yeah, I donít know, but i do know this -> Nelson is amazing. He is a true coach. He has given me over 100% and itís easy to keep giving him just that. His heart is truly in this... so here we are... about a week out... but we arenít done yet?? #TeamNelzonJ #bodybuilding #fitness #NPC #noglutesnoglory #mastersbikini #npcbikini #MyStory #transformation #TinyButMighty #littleandfierce #neverGiveUp

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Iíve been with my coach, Nelson Jones for coming up on 1 year. We are in off season, however every move we make is to prepare me for my first national show next year. Iíve nationally qualified 3 out of 4 shows Iíve done, however that didnít mean I was nationally ready. Iíve had to mentally and physically grow/evolve in this sport, and itís safe to say everyday I am making the right strides, so it is time for me to step on a national stage, and Iíll do masters and open class. I can not wait to see what 2020 has in store for me in this sport.


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