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Linda: I started working out when I was 16. I fell in love with weights and admired female bodybuilders like Rachel McLish and Cory Everson. At that time, I couldn't even imagine being a pro. How could I ever get to that level? In 1990 at the age of 20 I joined a different gym, a small bodybuilder type gym. I competed in and won my first show that year. I was hooked. After that I competed in womens bodybuilding at local shows for a few years. I got married and had children. Unfortunately, I found myself in a situation where the gym was not allowed to be part of my life.

After many years in a bad marriage I got divorced and I found my way back to the gym again. A few years later I met my current boyfriend who was an avid gym goer and he encouraged me to follow my dreams. I found that the competition industry had gone through some stages in the 15 years I was gone. In 2011 I decided to enter a local show in the figure division. After a year and half of winning local shows and not placing at nationals the common feedback from the judges was womens physique is where I need to be. During this transition I meet my coach in March of 2013, Trae Kidd of Team Insane. I decided I needed some help. I needed a new plan and he was the man to help me. Together we were able to literally transform my physique in 5 months and I placed 5th at North Americans. After seeing how I stacked up against the other girls we knew what I needed to work on to get that pro card. I've spent that last year focusing on my weaknesses with the goal of bringing a new package to North Americans this year in 2014. All my hard work paid off this year and I earned my pro card. A dream that I never thought could happen to me.

Nutrition: My diet changes from off season to pre-contest are primarily with my carb and fat intake. My protein is always high and I don't fluctuate that very much. My carbs can go from 500g a day in offseason to 100ga day in pre-contest. It primarily depends on what my conditioning is at each stage. I usually keep almonds and natural peanut butter in my daily diet up to about 2 weeks out and then I may drop the peanut butter out.

I have found that training my metabolism in the off season and not being afraid to put on a little "fluff" has made a huge difference for me in this last season. I eat clean all year round but I allow weekly cheat meals on my leg days. I build my metabolism by slowly increasing calories to give myself the food it needs to build muscle. Your body needs more than protein to build muscle. It also needs carbohydrates to fuel and assist in muscle repair. Last off season my calories got up to 3500 per day and I dropped down to around 2000 pre-contest. My diet did most of the work for me and I had to do minimal cardio during my prep. Of course different things work for different people.

Failed diets: I have done the zero carbs only protein and veggies diet. My body definitely did not like it. It shut down my metabolism and I had to do hours of cardio to burn body fat. I ended up being very stringy and drawn on stage.

Supplements: I'm a firm believer in BCAA I have found that they really protect my muscle during prep and help me build in offseason. I take them with all my meals and I use a BCAA drink during cardio sessions. The newest product that I have found and love is clinical sports labs bium-d. A friend turned me on to them during prep. It's a great thermogenic and made cardio much easier and more effective. I start taking them at the beginning of prep (usually about 12 weeks out), 2 before morning cardio and 1 before pm workout. I am currently working on a possible sponsorship with them. If I am going to team up with any company I really want it to be one that I believe in, otherwise it's really not worth it to me.

Training: My weak area is legs so I hit them hard and often. During prep I did 2 a day leg splits twice a week. It helped build and maintain my legs during dieting and minimized cardio a bit. Weight training burns more calories than cardio and I didn't want to burn up my legs doing cardio. In offseason I hit legs twice a week.

My workouts are very different in off season and prep season. During prep I'm focusing on weak areas and maintaining my strong points. I'm on a 6 day per week cycle. 2 a day Legs, Shoulders/chest, Back, 2 a day Legs, Back, Arms. My exercises are focused on shaping the muscle and bring out the definition and deep cuts.

During off season I don't do 2 a days and my rep ranges change as well as my exercises. My focus will be to build muscle. I'm still on a 6 day plan but my areas of focus change. Right now my split is, back/bis, chest, shoulders, quads, back, hams/tris.

I have learned to work my diet around my workouts. I switch meals according to when I'm working out. I also have designated pre and post workout meals. Once you get a system going it makes things easier.

My future plans are to step on the pro stage and do my pro debut in a year. I know I have some work ahead so I have to see how things progress this off season. I'd really like my pro debut to be a show stopper.

I do online coaching for weight loss and fitness. I also recently started doing some online coaching for show prep, which also includes posing practice. Something so important and most often neglected. My boyfriend is also a pro and we have developed a really great system between us to be able to help both men and women for show prep and general weight loss and fitness. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my life long passion with others and to watch someone evolve and reach beyond their expectations is truly a blessing. The greatest accomplishment for me in this lifestyle was not only winning my pro card but watching a client win his first show and win the overall. I may have been more excited for him than I was for myself.

I have done a few fitness modeling shoots. Unfortunately, I haven't found that one photographer that I mesh with and love, but I am always open to new ventures. I would definitely like to do more modeling, but I insist on taste and class.

Readers are welcome to contact me via email at I am also on facebook and instagram. Look for new and exciting things from me as I share my passion and love of fitness and my journey to the pro stage.

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Linda Simnick

Linda Simnick

Linda Simnick