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I have been going to the GHFC for many years and a friend of mine @Jessica_Prentiss is a bikini competitor and encouraged me to do one.

This was my first prep and I learned a lot. I learned that I need to eat more protein than I was previously to build muscle. I also learned it is all so individual for everyone. My body likes a higher fat content than most. I try to eat mostly healthy fats like nuts, avocado and coconut oil. My coach @mcgriffselectfitness did all my meal, training and supplement plans and my posing coach was @Meghanmcgriff they are both great. I was lifting as heavy as I could 5 days per week with minimal cardio about 15 min 5 days week but towards the end of the prep it did increase to 45 min sessions 5 days per week with heavy lifting and minimal abs.

I have always felt comfortable in front of crowds. I am a Nurse Practitioner and I have given several talks to physicians that are way more intimidating.

I got a ??!!!!! 3rd in Masters at the @MonstaCassic 2018!?????? @acbikinis.bts @angelcompetitionbikinis #womenwholiftheavy #girlswholift #npc #npcprep #monstaclassic2018 #fitmom #fitover35 #fitness #gymislife #loveyourself

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I did the Monsta Classic this past weekend in Lake City. It was exhilarating and very fun. I met a lot of like minded women who are really kind and fun. I had a great get away with my husband @scotty_d_59 and I am hoping he decide to do a show to. I think it would be fun to compete with my spouse.

I love feeling healthy and good in control of my body. It is very empowering.

I am thinking about doing the Gainesville Classic in August or the Daytona Classic. I will definitely do another show. It was amazing.


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