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I used to play sports growing up and when I stopped, I needed something to keep me in shape. I missed the competitiveness. When I starting my whole fitness journey I wanted to improve not only physically but mentally. I became competitive towards wanting to being a better me and see how far I could push myself. I started following competitors on social media. Soon after, started my journey to became one myself!

I combine both flexible dieting with clean eating. I find that it works best for me. I'm all about macros however I keep my iifym basic and clean. With my food intolerance and allergies it allows me to change out foods when I need to. Off season I reverse diet back to a baseline in which I can build from to improve my physique. I'm not as strict with my diet. I watch what I eat while still sticking with macro counting. If I go over, it's okay because it's off season. During contest prep my diets becomes more strict and less cheat meals and more consistency. When to eat and hitting my macros becomes crucial! I've tried just the clean eating method.... with my food intolerance, I had multiple allergic reactions do to eating the same foods over and over.

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I switch up my training program constantly adding variety of techniques. I find that being well balance and using several types of training methods benefits an individual who is trying to learn more about their body and physique. Diet I try to keep consistent, where as training I switch up. I coach myself and I know my body inside and out. When my body isn't responding or dislikes something I listen to it. From there I make sure I make changes based on how I feel and look.

I used to dance and do gymnastics. So I've had years of experience in being in the spotlight/on a stage as well as under pressure with an audience. Posing and stage presence almost became natural because of those two things. I loved every minute of it! I love getting to know other competitors as well as supporting them. It's an individual sport, but sharing the same interest as them keeps me motivated.

I'm hoping to prep soon again and be back on stage!

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