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I started working out at a small local anytime fitness here in Duluth MN in 2017. I noticed there were some body builders in that gym which sparked my interest in competing. I ask them for advice on how to get started and jump in feet first.

This summer is my first "off season" we are keeping to a very clean set meal plan where I still can have a cheat from time to time if I stay on track with my meals. The diet that I have found works better for me is one that is higher in fats, which also helps with my energy during my long runs. My contest prep diet was low carb around 70 g a day with carb cycling, 2 low and 1 high carb day. My first prep I followed an IIFYM diet and received little education from my coach on how to structure my meals through out the day and what food choices I should have. My second prep I followed a meal plan which worked very well. It was consistent so I could easily figure out what foods sat well with me and what ones gave me trouble. I always loved being on stage since I was a little girl, I danced competitively since I was 2 years old till I graduated.

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The stage feels like home to me. Knowing I put 100% in to my prep and just being proud of my own accomplishments gives me the confidence to step on stage. Working full time as an ICU nurse made training very difficult at times. I would wake up at 0330 and do my fasted cardio before my 7 am shift, do my resistance training after work, and meal prep for the next day before bed. I kept a very structured routine to keep me in check and on track. I typically will plan a higher fat meal and protein meal in the am before work and pack a few smaller on the go type of meals so I can eat on the go at work. I try to plan my carbs around my work outs. I did my first national show just over a year of starting my weight lifting journey. I went in with no expectations and learned so much and met so many amazing people! My favorite part was hanging out with my team between shows.

My training schedule determines what I eat, when I sleep, and when I can work. Body building is more than a hobby to me, it's my passion!

My most recent show was junior nationals in Chicago! I had an awesome team of girls there with me that made the experience so much fun! My favorite part was hanging out with all the girls back stage and meeting new people!

Being a competitive athlete really takes a toll of my social life. Learning how to balance friends, family, work, and training has been a learning process!

Future plans are still in the air, Iím planning on competing in 2019 at some point, working with my coach this off season and we will start prep when he feels Iím ready!

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