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Update - August 2019

Third time competing at the USA championship and earn 4th place. This year/prep definitely had its ups and downs. I feel like this was one of the quickest preps so far, even though I prepped for the same amount of weeks as previous shows. The only challenges I faced was my bodyís response to certain foods. So my diet had to change. Yeah I had my days were I was tired and just wanted to eat a pizza but I stayed focused. I made it my goal to improve and earn my Pro Card.

I am grateful for my placement, because I know that I gave it my all. I literally walked off stage after my individual routine feeling happier and almost like I was floating. One of the expeditors told me backstage, ď All you can do is give it your all. The rest is up to them.Ē I did exactly that. Looking at my comparison I can definitely say that Iíve made tons of improvements. So itís not like there was ever a chance of me failing. Did I earn my Pro Card? No and thatís okay. It just wasnít my time I guess. I received my feedback and just plan on making more improvements. I did have hopes to do North American, but will not be able to. So no more shows planned for 2019.


Hi my name is Lexus Redmond.
I first found out about bodybuilding competitions from my Aunt when I was 11 years old. I went and watched her compete in her first show. I told myself that I wanted to be like her, strong and confident about herself. I decided to finally do a show during my second year of college.

My off-season diet consists of more calories and it's not as strict as my prep diet. These meaning I can go have pizza or eat a cookie once in awhile. During the offseason my main goal is to increase my strength by increasing my muscle mass. For my prep diet I do not do flexible dieting. I have a very clean meal plan. Throughout the 14-16 weeks my protein, carbs, and fat intake are adjust based on how I need to look. Also how I get my protein changes throughout the prep. Meaning I start off being able to eat chicken and/or beef and near the end of prep I eat tilapia and egg whites for protein.

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I have only tried two things with my diet. The first was when I started competing. I just ate healthy stuff. I didn't really know much about what I was supposed to be doing with my meals. So I just made sure to eat six times a day, little sugar, and more protein. After my first show I got a trainer who walked me through the importances and mechanism of each nutrient. He didn't actually write my meals, he wanted me to do that to see if I understood what he taught me. This method has done wonders for me, because it helps me build and lean out. It also teaches me about nutrition.

The self-confidence you need to strut across a stage in front of hundreds of people in just a bikini came from the training. As I started to notice my muscles changing I became more confident. By the time it's show day I'm just so proud of how far I've come that I can't wait to show everyone.

My training in split by muscle groups and my leg days are split to quads one day and glutes/hamstrings on another day. I like to hit two-a-day during competition season. I do the normal compound movement. Isolation, pylometrics for training. I've never really done HIIT cardio, but I do plan on implementing it this season. My cardio was usually via bike or stairmaster. Throughout my prep my cardio can range from 30 mins-1 hr 1/2. Training and diet for me automatically balance out each other. I have to eat right to be able to train and build.

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One of my recent and actually my favorite experiences was at the Muscle Contest USA Championship in July of 2017. It was my first national show. I walked into check-ins so nervous. I told myself that I would try to be calm and focus on other stuff (not the other competitors). Seeing a majority of the top non-pro bikini competitor made it very hard. Looking back at it now I think it's hilarious, because I remember turning to my best friend and telling her I don't have delts and that we have to go back home. I stayed, of course. Everyone was extremely friendly. Prejudging is kind of tense. Both prejudging and finals involve a lot of waiting around. Usually backstage trying to relax with my legs up, until it's time to get glazed and pump up. Then you're up on that stage reminding yourself, "Don't fall or forget your routine. Oh, and don't forget to smile". The way they did nationals was different from my other competitions. We did group comparison first, then individual routines, and call-outs. When they did first call-out at the USA championship and my name didn't get called I was crush and going over everything in my head that I could have done better. I was so in my head that I didn't hear them say add competitor 283 to this line up, which was my number. When I joined the other phenomenal women up there I made sure to show off all of my hard workout. I ended up taking 9th (top 10) at my first national show.

Being an athlete is my life now. During the off season I go out with friends and drink a little. During competition prep I'm usually turning down time with my friends because they want to eat stuff I'm not allowed to have or drink. This sport has become a top priority for me and I want to make sure I can be the best version of me. I make sure I don't miss out on the important events. I still celebrate birthdays of family and friends, I don't want them to think that I'm cutting them off. I need them, they're my support system.

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My future plans currently are to build up my leg muscles to create a more balanced physique. Then I will be competing again at another national show to try to get my pro card. I want to continue doing this as long as I am able to. I love the feeling of improving and being on stage. I also love the fact that people come up to me and tell me that I inspire them. I would have never thought I could inspire anyone, I was a nobody all my life. Now I just want the help people reach that level of confidence we as competitors have on stage. It doesn't mean they have to be lean and shredded like competitors, unless they want to. It could simply be, that they want a dress a certain way that makes them feel better. Whatever it is, I want to be able to help however I can.


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