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I started to compete because I observed the amount of self discipline and consistency required to be a champion/athlete in this sport — I needed to gain more mental strength, and this support provided me that opportunity!

My diet really consists of foods I love , the only thing that really changes is my portion sizes! I follow an IIFYM diet (low carb higher fat works best for me) because it allows me to but try to keep my meals as whole and nutritious as possible and will allow myself more indulgences from time to time in my off season — whereas on my prep I try to find yummy alternatives to satisfy cravings. Competition diet that failed me were any meals that had a lot of red meat or super low fat — it gives me indigestion and constipation.

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- Looking back on before I stepped onto my first NPC stage ???? I was so excited and ready. I need help refocusing and getting back on track and looking back at old vids definitely helps motivate me. . . - *DISCLAIMER* Bodybuilding consists of looking absolutely INSANE in person but AMAZING on the stage lmao. The crazy tan is to prevent your muscles from looking washed out on stage and the crazy makeup because everything looks washed out on stage e the stage lights. . . . . . #iifym #iifymgirls #healthy #healthymeals #whattoeat #weightloss #fatloss #fatburningmeals #cardio #npcbikiniprep #prepszn #bikiniprep #ifbb #fitness #womensfitness #healthyrecipes #meals #macros #hiit #hiitwomen #fitspo #motivational #workouts #workoutswomen #npc #npcfirstcallout #truenovicebikini #novicebikini

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I was a competition cheerleader for 7 years prior to competing in bodybuilding, so I was already very comfortable with being on stage! I love stage presence and showing my confidence!

I lift weights, do steady state cardio daily depending on my progress and I do HIIT twice a week a little ways out from competition.

I was SOO excited but super calm. I was ready and never have expectations when it comes to competitions because they’re subjective. As long as I knew I worked hard and was proud - that’s all that mattered.

Being an athlete affects my whole life because I need to be more mindful of what I consume and how much I drink especially because I’m super social and love to have a good time but alcohol can destroy muscle and progress like nothing. Being an athlete makes me more mentally strong every day.

Future plans are to implement more balance in my life on my reverse diet and to go for that national qualification in my next competition!!

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