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Lenore Gregson, Sponsored IFBB Pro Athlete - GNC, updates us on her prep for the 2017 Arnold Classic!

January 2017

Last year was a world wind! Right when I got notification that I qualified for the Arnold Classic last year, my husband was in a horrible motorcycle accident (January 9th) so I almost backed out of it but everyone was like, "NOOOOO!" So in the midst of getting ready for Arnold Classic, I was dealing with a husband in the hospital for almost 4 months, going back and forth (the hospital was 45-minutes away ONE WAY), handling house stuff, handling my business, having to structure our home to accommodate my husband’s needs when he got home from the hospital which included having the dining room moved out, move a bed from downstairs to the dining room since he was unable to go upstairs, have the bathroom updated to help with his showers, have a wheelchair ramp built that lead to the back door entrance so he could get in and out of the house, etc...it was rough!!!!!

I didn't realize how much stress it put on my body, but by the time I was done with it I felt like something was wrong, but I couldn't stop because I already was signed up to do Dallas in May! By then, I really felt my body was yelling at me and went to go get checked. I was told my liver and kidneys were not functioning right and I needed to take an immediate break....I was already scheduled for Pittsburgh and wrote a note to Gary about what was going on. He was very nice and pulled me from the show. Took 4 months off when I got the letter in September from Arnold Classics that I qualified and if I was interested. Everyone said, "Do it!" lol So I said I was interested, but that doesn't mean you automatically are picked. You get put on a "consideration list" and then it goes to a board and then they narrow down from there. I got the final thumbs up late December so here I am! Lol The ironic part is my husband had to go back into surgery right about the time I got notice the 2nd time to correct issues he’s been having from the motorcycle accident. This time he’s home, but has no use of his arms right now which means I’m his nurse, bather, dresser, etc…while keeping up with what I need to do. I consider myself blessed though! Getting my trainings, meals, and cardio in daily while managing my business and home life! (:

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