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How did I begin competing? I played sports and professional handball since childhood. At the elementary and high school, I registered for various track events and sports tournaments. Before I stopped playing handball, I started going to the gym. As I enjoyed exercising more and more, and as I saw the first results on my body, I wanted to try competing. In 2004, in the Czech Republic there were no other categories for women but fitness and bodybuilding. Since I had never done gymnastics, I prepared for my first competition in bodybuilding when I was 19. Then I tried the bodyfitness category and now I compete in the physique category. For me, however, contests are a kind of an “icing on the cake”. The most important thing is that I still enjoy exercising and it makes me feel good.

My off-season diet isn’t much different from the pre-contest diet, although it may not look like it. My pre-contest diet includes fish, chicken and very little beef. Everything is steam-cooked or grilled without oil. I mostly stick to 1.5 grams of proteins per 1 kg of my weight. I get carbohydrates from rice, rice bread or (rarely) potatoes. At the beginning of the preparation, I always consume the same amount of carbohydrates, which is about 150-250 grams. Then I include carbohydrate waves, which have proven efficient. These range from 0 carbs (I rarely include those) up to 400 grams (which is like a feast for me). As the contest day comes closer, I reduce the amount of carbohydrates according to my shape. My coach helps me with precise scheduling. In the off-season I eat almost the same food as during the diet. Of course, after the contest I can afford more “days-off”. Then I return to my diet again to keep my body fit. Occasionally I may let myself to have a treat, or go to a restaurant for a meal. But there are foods that I never eat even in the off-season. These include things like pastries, sausages, butter, sauces or dumplings. Of course, muscle building is also a part of the preparatory training. I’m not saying that I don’t have to build muscles anymore, but I focus mainly on improving my weak points to reach overall symmetry of my body. The physique category is not the same as bodybuilding, after all.

Truth to be told, I haven’t tried any other diets than fine-tuning my nourishment and the “carbohydrate waves”. I don’t like trying new experiments in my diet. I just use what I have tried and I know is working and hopefully will work again. Each diet always brings something new and it is not always the expected result. When my diet is not effective, it’s usually not affected by food, but by other factors such as work, fatigue, or stress.

As we all know, the foundation for success are diet and motion. Although supplements should just supplement, this kind of support is often indispensable in this sport — not only to facilitate weight loss or gain, but also for regeneration. Throughout the year, I take vitamins C and B in the morning, multivitamin, calcium, zinc, magnesium. Vitamin C is also a part of my diet before training. Sometimes I take liquid carnitine, which makes me warm. Before and after training I take BCAA.

Training and dieting is sometimes challenging. I try to train for 3 or 4 days in a row with a day off at the end. Like this, I separate the training of the individual body parts into several days. For example, chest + biceps; legs; breast + triceps; shoulders + calves. But when I feel like it, I train some more. Sometimes I split the legs into hamstrings and quadriceps and train them together with another small body part. Of course, I train my belly as well. As the contest gets closer, I train twice a day and increase the workout intensity. I do aerobic training for 40-60 minutes in the morning and then again after weight-training. I try to gradually increase weights for the upper body and closer to the end of the preparation I include supersets. I work hard on my legs, since they are my “eternal problem”, but I include more supersets and exercises for muscle contouring. In the off-season, I do less of aerobics and less of superset exercises. I like “diverse” workouts.

Future plans: In the spring of 2015, I would like to attend several cup competitions abroad, if I get the opportunity. Next, I would like to prepare for the Championship of the Czech Republic and the European Championship. I would also like to compete during fall. Everything will depend on the circumstances and possibilities for me to prepare.

Thanks to all of you who read my answers to the end, and I wish you all a lot of success and joy, and good health in your life.

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Lenka Ferencukova

Lenka Ferencukova