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From an early age I developed a great passion for sports. I practiced swimming, volleyball, athletics, soccer and dragon boat. There were times I focused on only one sport discipline at a time and at other times I did two so that I could be in good physical shape and stay healthy. In these sports I have always strived to be a high-performance athlete and for the most part I achieved my goals! But it was after having my two children that I lost the motivation to continue practicing a healthy and active lifestyle. I let myself get carried away by routines, obligations and I my weight significantly raised. I also realized my health was being affected and my personality had begun to change. My passion for sports was disappearing and I reached the point of having almost a year without doing anything.

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In 2016 I decided to try a different sport that forced me to train every day and eat a healthy diet. It was through all of this new lifestyle that the idea of becoming a bikini competitor was formed. After a year of hard training, I managed to compete in the Charlotte Cup in the Rookie Master Category. I went on to finish in fourth place and that allowed me the chance to compete again months later and achieve second place.

When I made the decision to become a bikini competitor, I decided to hire good competition prep coach. There is no denying that this sport is very expensive, but it is more expensive to not be healthy. Supporting myself with the help of a coach was the best thing I did for myself. Having an experienced trainer to guide me enriched my self-esteem and helped me to perform better in my training and competitive presentations.

My diets during competition are designed to help me drop fat without losing muscle, 6 meals daily that include the snacks and Every 4 weeks we reduce calories. The consume of water is at least one gallon a day. The workouts during competition preparation are more frequent and include a lot of cardio! I always weight train followed by cardio.

My experience as a bikini competitor has been very positive and what I can highlight the most is the quality of people that I have met in my process and the admiration that I have developed in many women who identify with me. Every day someone wants to know how I train, eat, stay motivated, and this all makes me feel so humbled and proud.

I see myself practicing this sport for an undetermined time, it is also my greatest desire to be able to compete in nationals and obtain my pro card. My next competition will be in 8 weeks and I'm training to win!

Thank you to all the people that have helped me in my career in some way.

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