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Update after winning the 2017 IFBB Omaha Pro and earning Olympia qualification
July 2017

Experiences and feelings from the Omaha Pro

I absolutely loved the Omaha Pro and I am so happy that it was the show were I did my IFBB Professional Debut. Jack and Anne Titone put on an amazing event and are so enthusiastic and invested in the experience, I feel privileged to have competed in one of their shows. Have to admit it was a little daunting as I was not sure what to expect and it was a long way to travel from Australia to the USA, in which I had never been before. It was funny when going through customs they all wanted to know “Why the heck are you traveling to Omaha of all the places in the USA?” I really didn’t understand what they meant as where I am from in Western Australia we are a very quiet and laid back community.

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The Athlete Check in was fantastic experience, although I got a bit of a ribbing coming from “the land down under” but it was all in good gest and I was so happy to be there. Prejudging the nerves definitely kicked in but I was extremely happy with package I brought to the stage. I met some lovely IFBB Pro Women’s Physique competitors who were so encouraging it was truly a wonderful atmosphere and I am proud to have made some international friendships that I truly cherish. I never know what the judges are looking for so I really wasn’t sure what to expect at finals. To have won my Professional Debut and qualify for the 2017 Olympia I truly was not expecting, it was a totally surreal experience and an absolute dream come true.

Competition Prep

Not many changes were made in regards to the diet, in regards to training I did focus on a few areas that needed improvement with training them in subsequent sessions during the week. One big difference was that I did less cardio compared to when I won my IFBB Professional card. For that show I had done a lot of cardio, more than I usually do, and although my conditioning was phenomenal I personally feel it left me a bit smaller compared to other competitions I had been in. So the aim was to bring in the same level of conditioning of when I won the Amateur Arnold Classic Australia 2016 but with more size and fullness, which I believe we achieved with the assistance of Boss Comp Prep.

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This had been an extremely stressful competition preparation, more stress than I had ever encountered before. I was dealing with some very intense personal issues, which I have not made public and also I had taken on a higher volume of work. Therefore trying to juggle everything made it very difficult and at times I felt I wasn’t given the dedication to posing practise and other elements I usually invest a lot more time in, so mentally I was questioning myself as to whether I was ready. It became very mentally challenging. Plus the financial investment travelling internationally to compete was another challenge as so much money had been invested into the competitions I felt I could not back out, even if I had wanted too. So feeling mentally unprepared was a first for me which added to the stress and anxiety of my IFBB Professional debut, and as a competitor I know that stress is not your friend when it comes to competition preparation.

Life as an athlete

Being an athlete is totally life consuming, especially at this level as an IFBB Professional. Bodybuilding (competing) is often referred to as a selfish sport as it can easily monopolise your whole life. A lot of people can train for an hour or so per day but when you also add your nutrition, cardio, mindset, flexibility etc into the equation it doesn’t leave much time left. Especially as I work full time so my personal life has taken a back seat. There has been many family occasions that I have had to bring my own food or not been able to attend due to competition preparation. Luckily I have an amazing supportive family whom understand and when I am not in competition preparation I try to make up for it. It is difficult as my family does not live within close proximity to me so I have at least an hour to an three hour drive for family events. I am lucky I have a job where I can stop to fit in a meal when I need to and that my employers are supportive and understand the importance of my competition preparation. Having more of a life balance is an area that I do need to work on as my life is pretty much work, eat, train and sleep this is something I need to improve on.

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Future plans

At the moment my future plan is focusing on competing in the 2017 Olympia, which still feels completely surreal to me, this is my absolute dream come true and I truly feel blessed to be up on stage with the phenomenal women that I look up to. Post the Olympia I will have to look at the calendar schedule for 2018, I would love to go back to Omaha to defend my title, God willing that will be something I will be able to do.

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