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Lee-Ann: After having my son Easton I had put on a considerable amount of weight. I was too embarrassed to go to the gym so I stayed at home using the P90x and insanity Dvds. Within 3 months I had lost all my baby weight but I wanted more! I was now confident enough to join a gym so started doing a lot of cardio classes. This helped me lose some weight but my body shape didn't change and I also really didn't have a lot of muscle tone. This is when I decided to start weight training 5 days a week. I ate clean and enjoyed my chest meals once a week. I knew this dedication and commitment to being fit could be used for something even better. I started prepping for my first bikini competition in July 2014 and competed in November where I placed 2nd and won my Pro Status. Not bad for a first timer.

My diet doesn't change that much between the 2. I have found that keeping protein high, fat and carbs at a medium level works the best for me. My daily diet includes things like oats, new potatoes, peanut butter and coconut oil amongst other things. My diet is super clean 7 days a week. I do however include a cheat meal once a week. This is usually something like a burger and fries.
Failed diet: Low fat, high carbs. I definitely need fat in my diet as well as carbs and keeping these at a moderate level. Too much carbs makes me very watery and low fat restricts me from burning fat

I weight train 6 days a week which includes glutes 3 times a week.(this is my weakest area) I do 30 min fasted cardio 5-6 days a week and PWO cardio for 15min

I am an extremely shy person but being on stage is like nothing else. It's a performance and surprisingly you get the biggest buzz hearing people shout your name and watching you strut your stuff. I have only ever competed in Miamipro and my experience with them have been amazing. All the other contestants where lovely and supportive. Everyone was just there to have fun and I didn't see any bitchiness amounts the girls.
The most important thing I found is to be humble and not to think you are better than anyone else you are competing with. Everyone has been on their own journey and you should take everything as experience and just enjoy it. If you don't enjoy them this industry really isn't for you.

I am currently training for my next PRO SHOW in April 2016. I plan on competing in a few competitions around the same time and not just Miamipro.

Best way to contact me is by email: Leeradradlee@yahoo.co.uk
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Lee-ann Radnidge

Lee-ann Radnidge