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Leah: I've always been interested in fitness and body building ever since I was in high school. I even took "body building" as my PE senior year. It was nothing like what body building is of course. I didn't pursue it in my 20's at all. I got busy growing and raising a family. In my late 20's I started having severe back pain which lead me to 3 long years of pain meds and muscle relaxers that got me no where but weak and addicted! After I got my back pain figured out and remedied I sought to build my weak 122lb frame back up! I started with p90x at home and gradually moved into working out at a gym, met my coach and began my journey with her. That was about 6 years ago. Since I had been with my coach I've had my last child of 5 in August of 2013 and started back with her in July of 2014. I then went on the start a prep for my first competition may of 2015. I cross competed in bikini and figure and took 1st in all my figure classes and won the Overall figure division and took 2 2nd place awards and 1 3rd in the Bikini division.

Diet and Training
My diet changes season to season of course. My prep usually consists of protein and vegetables with carb cycling. Depending on what we discuss and our goals we may do 1 big carb load a week or split it up between 2 smaller ones in a week. It just all depends on many factors. It's a very reactionary sport and process! Your goals will also determine what you eat and when! The when is HUGE! My off season is full of wonderful carbs and high protein! I still like to eat clean just because of how great I feel when I do. But I do have my fun! I hover about 12 lb from stage in my off season. I lift so hard I can basically afford to eat anything and not rebound! No matter what season I'm in I am making sure I always get my protein in. You don't want to lose any lean muscle in either season! My carbs I very much center around what body part I'm training the hardest to grow! It's not necessary to eat and eat and eat for me to gain lean muscle. I make sure my diet is supporting my training and keep things in balance! That's an extremely important thing to find in this sport, balance!

I've never had a competition diet fail me! I've always listened to my coach and she listens to me. We're a team! We communicate and talk! Making the decisions together is crucial! She's my coach but I am the athlete doing the plan and she trusts me to give her feedback on everything for her to come up with the most effective game plan!

The components of my weight training change with my goals. In my off season I typically go heavier weight and lower reps. I like to strength train in my off season while I have the carbs for energy and that way when I hit my prep I can train a little heavier when depleted! I'm always trying to improve from the last week! It's fun and a challenge to hit new pr's in my training! Keeps me motivated and engaged! The human body is an amazing mechanism! My diet stays parallel to my training! Whatever I do in the gym I'm making sure my diet will support! No one wants to spin their wheels and not see growth or progress! The #1 component in my training is visualization! I literally picture the muscle getting bigger and growing when I'm lifting! I imagine it the way I want it to look and what my end result is I want. Your mind is a powerful tool that so few tap into!

On Stage
I've always been a pretty confident person when it comes to performing and being up in front of people. I studied the arts, music and acting all throughout high school and college. I've gotten over stage fright a longtime ago! If something happens unexpectedly we always say "the show must go on". I've been so trained that I don't even think about it anymore! In my first competition I thought my Figure division was done and I was changing into my Bikini for that division when someone came in the ladies room saying they still needed me on stage! No problem, I tore off the bikini top, grabbed my figure top and as I was running to the stairs to get on stage I through on the top and tied it in a knot behind my back! Stepped on stage as if nothing was wrong and that's when I was awarded the Overall trophy for that division! The craziest thing that's by far happened to me! No one was the wiser of what was happening behind stage except all the competitor that got quite the eye full as I was getting my top on to step on stage!

I will be cross competing again this July at a nationals competition to earn my pro card. I will be working also to build a strong portfolio in hopes to do fitness modeling and would love to attain sponsorships from apparel and supplement lines. I am also coaching my own clients and will continue to grow in that area. I love to help others reach goals they never thought were possible! It's empowering! So many have such a low belief in themselves and it shows through every area of their lives. It effects their quality of life most of all and I know what that's like! I want to help people be able to get out the situations that I found myself in a long time ago! You're not doomed to pain and illness! If you educate yourself and work hard, your body can heal itself and be strong! That makes happy people! I know I made me a happier person! I don't suffer from the depression and anxiety and fatigue everyday! I have tons of energy to be able to give my best to my family! I train out of a private gym in Springfield Mo one on one and teach classes. I teach competitor's posing and write diet plans and training splits to meet any goal!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leah.mawdsley.77

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Leah Mawdsley

Leah Mawdsley