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July 2018

I started weight training when I was 15 years old. I loved pushing myself to see how much I could improve week to week. The training started as functional to help increase my vertical jump and speed for sports, but it evolved in to a love of IRON. I was always very strong and I looked up to Cory Everson and truly wanted to be her. My dream was to be Ms Olympia. I went to United States Air Force Academy, spent 6.5 years as a Personnel Officer and never stopped training. As a pharmaceutical representative, someone approached me in the gym and said I looked like I should compete in a bodybuilding show. At first I thought I was suited to be a Figure competitor, but went to my first show and realized that Womenís Physique was more my style and body type. I hired a coach and did my first show in 2014Öafter that, I knew Iíd compete as long as I could!

Donít be afraid to tell the truth...Donít let anyone try to control or manipulate the narrative for personal or professional gain. Donít be intimidated or threatened...Trust your instincts and donít stand in anyoneís shade. Be the light that shines and illuminates the path for you, your family and those that you can help and inspire. #ifbb #stength #veteran #warriorgames #characterandclass #stopstolenvalor #womenwholift #22kill #staythecourse @dominiquevien360 #fiercewomen #leahdennieifbbpro @taren.thomas.94 #setxchampionship

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Diet: This was the first off season where I incorporate higher complex carbohydrates. The year I went pro, I spend 20 weeks eating tilapia and asparagusÖI think I had one refeed. I was miserable doling 2 hours of cardio and barely eatingÖbut it paid off. After that, I decided I wanted to take a more balanced approach. I mostly used a keto diet and ate mostly nuts and salmon for my fats, while keeping carbs to a minimum. Because of my keto dieting, I had to be careful in the off season and didnít really add many carbohydrates on a routine basis. My caloric intake varies based on my training goals. Iíd say I fall between 1600-2200 calories.

Past diets didnít fail per seÖI think I always battle the fact that Iím very dense and donít have a small waist. When I try to stay flat, I donít showcase my muscularity. When I carbed up for my last show, I didnít even get looked at. That experience led me to cross over in to WBB. The prep Iím in now has me eating the most carbs everÖIím trying to put some size on my legs to match my upper body, and hopefully come in lean and full.

Confidence comes from knowing that you are prepared to do your best. I donít worry about who is next to me. I focus on hitting my poses and having fun. Strutting on stage is fun because itís the reward for months of hard work and dieting. Thereís nothing like it.

I typically do fasted cardio around 5:30 in the morning. Grab meal 1 and get ready for my full time job. I train after work and was fortunate to get to train under Johnnie Jackson. He is letting me embrace my strength and doesnít hold me back. In season, I would add a HIIT cardio session after dinnerÖI have equipment in my house now for that.

The best experience has been competing in the Arnold. The energy was unbelievable. Great competitors and a great venue. Check ins were funny because I dressed in a sun dress and realized everyone else was in sweats. I always try to present myself professionally and put togetherÖbut this time, I actually felt ridiculous! A couple friends were teasing me for not covering up. I am who I amÖI wouldíve been uncomfortable in sweats. Pre-Judging was incredible. I could hear people cheering and there was a nice crowd. The evening show was unforgettable. I was fortunate to make top 10 and was able to perform my evening routine. Best time ever on stage! And, Arnold stood at the bottom of the stage taking a selfie in front of us and I almost lost my mind wanting to meet himÖbut I had a job to do!

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate your independence and celebrate what matters most in your life! #independentwoman #fitness #boss #texasbodybuilding #womenwhohustle #womenwholift #IFBB #setxchampionship #jojfitness #muscle #power @setxch_leahdennie

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Being an athlete is who I am. I used sports and weight training as an escapeÖit became a passion by time I was in High School. Iíve played college volleyball and rugby. Played for the Air Force Volleyball team. Ran 5 marathons to include the Boston. Started competing in the NPC. Earned my IFBB status. I canít imagine my life without sports or competitions. Itís just who I am.

Because of my athletic build, it was always a challenge to look proportional and aesthetic vs functional and athletic on stage. As a professional WPD competitor, I did a few shows and placed 4th in Puerto Rice in 2017 and 10th in the Arnold in 2018. My plan is to cross over to Womenís Bodybuilding and embrace the years of training I have behind me. All I can do is bring my bestÖRomania in November will be my debut in WBB.

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I am on a new journey to embrace my strength as a woman, business woman and IFBB Pro. Iíve taken the back seat for a few years for fear of being to dominate in past relationships. Iím now focusing on me...

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