Lea Beaumont - IFBB Bikini Pro

Lea: I started competing in 2014. I was training with my friends for fun and my trainer at the time, Dan Cross, convinced me to compete. I did really well my first show and it just took off very quickly from there!

My diet changes immensely from off season to contest prep because I simply don't diet or restrict myself if I'm not prepping. Fortunately, my body doesn't react badly or drastically to bad foods so I enjoy myself when I'm not prepping and clean it up when I am getting ready for a show. My contest prep meal plans from my coach, Andrew Vu, are pretty simple. I typically have 6 meals per day, all consisting of protein. And I stay high carb/fats for almost my entire prep because my body responds well to them. I don't count calories or anything like that. We just watch how my body reacts and make weekly adjustments if needed. I haven't really tried any other diet plans than what I do now. I had another coach prior to my current coach, but the meal plan was similar.

I keep my training pretty simple! I go to the gym once a day, 7 days a week, and everyday I lift for about an hour and a half (depending on the muscle group) and do anywhere from 30-45 mins of cardio. For me, training and dieting goes hand in hand when it comes to competing. I have to do it to get the results I want and I have to do it to win so I just make it work!

I have really bad stage fright and I'm a very shy person but for some reason, getting on stage to compete doesn't make me that nervous. I think all of the makeup, hair, and glam helps but also because I know the judges and people in the audience are only judging me based on my physique that I've created for the show. If they were judging me on more than just my exterior, I would probably feel more nervous.

I always have a good time at the shows. You put in so much work for so long that you just want to get on stage and show the judges your hard work. Pro athlete meetings and backstage before prejudging and finals is usually fun because you get to know the other competitors from competing against them over and over. I think judging can be very political depending on the show so that gets irritating but there are politics in everything. That's just the name of the game!

I have competed once so far this year but I do not have any definite plans for the rest of the year. My focus this year is on my family but if I can sneak some shows in, I will!

Email: LTBeaumont@gmail.com

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