Laurie Richey - Bodybuilder

Laurie: I have been training 18 years, I started competing in 08. I was asked frequently if I had ever competed and my answer was always no. Until I met an old friend whom which introduced me to others in the game, from that point I started my preparation for my first show. I started at a smaller weight, so therefore my diet was much different. Over the years seems after each show I added little more weight so I would take in a little more food to compliment and maintain my muscle.

Everyone's body is different, a certain diet that may work for me or another may be ineffective to the next. I've had diets where I may up my protein intake, lower my carbs, I've had diets where I level out my protein and up the carbs. Over time you figure out what plan works best for your body type. Each preparation there always new things to be learned. I personally believe in believing in yourself, train hard and of course diet as you should. Once you've accomplished your first show which in my opinion is where and when you learn so much, you build so much more confidence to move on to the next.

My daily routine.
- Monday 6am 30 minutes cardio, 7:30 first meal, 10:30 am second meal. 1:30 pm third meal. 4:30pm fourth meal then train Legs. Consist of 4 sets leg press, 4 sets leg extension, walking lunges, 4 sets inner and outer abductors, caves on seated press 4 sets, final 10 minutes of kick backs for glutes. 7:30 pm fifth meal. 30 minutes cardio, 9:30pm final meal.
- Tuesday rest day from weights, still 30 minutes am and pm cardio.
- Wednesday cardio, same meal plan, weights chest and tris. Consist of 4 sets dumbbell press, 4 sets dumbbell flys, 4 sets seated machine flys, 4 sets of cable crossovers an up rights. Tris consist of 4 sets nose breakers, 4 sets of cable press downs using rope, v bar and straight bar, final dips till failure.
- Thursday is rest.
- Friday same on cardio and meal plan. Weight is shoulders, consist of 4 sets dumbbell side laterals, 4 sets dumbbell front raises or switch up with straight bar, 4 sets dumbbell presses overhead, switch up with machine presses. Final rear delts using dumbbells or cables.
- Saturday cardio only. Sunday is back and bis. Consist of 4 sets seated rows, 4 sets standing rows, 4 sets lat pull downs, switching up with wide bar to v bar. 3 sets wide grip pull Ups, bis consist of 4 sets cable curls, 4 sets of straight bar curls, 4 sets dumbbell curls, 4 sets of hammer curls, final burn out till failure on machine curls.

As I get closer to a show I up my cardio to 2 hrs a day, hour in am, hour in pm. Also close to show my carb intake is very low until couple days prior I add back full amount of carbs to fill out. I usually stay heavy on weights, maybe 4 weeks before show I lighten the weight and up the reps just to cut little more.

It's not easy, not only is it a physical challenge but a mental one as well. I am a FBB so of course my training and dieting may differ from others, depending on your goal. I lift heavy, I eat 6 times a day, my cardio gets more intense the closer to competition I get, it's as I mentioned no easy task, very challenging one but the final outcome is nothing short of amazing.

The day you wake to step on a stage, you look in the mirror and see the long hard work you've put in and how you've changed with your physique, makes every hour, sweat and tear worth it!

I recently competed back in March, awesome show it was indeed. I weighed in at my heaviest ever, 140. I rocked it! Everything went great, from the checkins, to the tanning, to the rotation of all the categories and many competitors. I can't wait to go again. I have a plan to step on national stages very soon, the training will be more intense, my mind will need to be stronger, more focused and I'm so ready for the challenge.

At the end of the day the most important thing to me is I give others hope, I inspire others to not just compete but to drive themselves to want change. That is to me every reason to keep pushing!


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