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Lauren: My bodybuilding/competing journey began early 2013. I have always had a competitive nature within! I thrive on challenging myself and pushing my limits in sports period. In my younger and teen years, I played competitive softball, basketball and soccer. Softball is what carried me through my college years. I lived for the competition and daily push and grind at the very competitive NCAA level! After I graduated I was looking for another long term competitive venture to tackle. I found myself in the gym more and more like most fell in love with the weights and results! I eventually ran into some former competitors that said I should give it a try! I had always wanted to eventually compete but wasn’t sure, like most, how to go about it. I finally had some information how to get started and haven’t looked back since!

* Diet off-season vs. pre-contest
The biggest change is calorie intake. During off-season the goal is to GROW! Using a clean bulk diet during off-season to my advantage to grow but maintain a 6-10 week out physique has been the target, and this past off-season worked wonderful. There is a little more flexibility for “clean cheats” during this time as well because tracking macros keeps my caloric intake on point. The obvious pre-contest or prep diet is 100% clean calories based on my weight and body fat and is cut down over the weeks prior to competition to knock off that unwanted body fat to achieve the “stage ready” look!

For me I have recently found within the past year that a protein based diet Is what my body responds to. So the bulk of my calories are from protein while keeping a balance of carbs and fats to ensure I have the necessary energy to workout and grow as well as keep my metabolism high for the fat burn! Off-season or pre-contest with the high protein clean calorie diet I am able to control and achieve the growth and/or fat loss for the goal ahead of me!

I did my first ever prep on a very low calorie diet. This DID NOT bring the kind of competition package I wanted. It ended up that having such a low calorie diet damaged my metabolism and actually forced my body to hold on to the fat I had because I wasn’t giving it the amount of nutrition it needed. After that learning curve and resetting my metabolism switching with the high calorie protein based meal plan it completely changed the game!

Supplements: I am a firm believer that the basic daily vitamins are essential to keeping your body finely tuned to make the changes you want it to make when you want it to make them! I always start my day with a women’s multiV, Vit B, C, E, omega 3, and glucosamine. For pre and post workout BCAAs, ZMAs, creatine, and glutamine are what I feel are the basic building blocks needed for muscle growth and recovery when training how bodybuilders train.

* Training
My weight training is a mix of heavy weight low reps and light weight high reps. I like to keep mixing it up as to not allow my muscle growth to plateau or regress. During off-season there is more heavy sets than pre-contest but I like to consider my training organized chaos. My coaches and I adjust according to time, goals, and development. My training with my coaches is never the same thing over and over again we all believe that keeping things mixed up is a great way to stay ahead.
As far as diet and training, food is fuel, and nothing more so my diet completely revolves around the goal ahead whether it’s off-season grow time or cutting for a competition. My coaches and I look ahead and plan according!

* Experiences and feeling from a previous contest
It will be a year since I have competing to the next time I step on stage. Every aspect of the sport of bodybuilding is so attractive and motivating to me. Every single day is a new day you have to dig deep find what you need and accomplish the task ahead, whether it is the morning of the contest or just another training day to push the limits and bring yourself one step closer to your ultimate dream! The feeling of being on stage under the lights representing your supporters, sponsors and yourself for all the hard work and dedication it took to get to that moment when they call your name and number to “show your stuff” is second to none! There are so many moments I live for in this sport and that one is definitely near the top!

This year the focus is to place and qualify to compete on the national stage. When people ask my future plans, the ultimate goal is the obvious Pro Card, but I like to break the process down into the necessary steps to achieving that dream. A qualification this year will allow me to focus on maintaining and competing nationally and improving my overall package until I have won a national competition!

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Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller

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