Lauren Dannenmiller - NQ NPC Bikini Competitor

* 2017 NPC Florida Grand Prix Overall Bikini Winner

I started lifting weights in 2014 after being highly competitive in track and cross country during high school. I found myself enjoying the weights way more than running because of how my body was transforming. I no longer wanted to be "skinny" but I wanted to have muscle. In 2015 I decided to do a bikini competition just to see if I would like it. Right after I got off the stage from my first competition I knew in my heart that this was something that I was good at and wanted to go far in. I became Nationally Qualified right away, but I knew if I wanted to be a Pro one day I needed to take time off and grow more muscle. So that's what I did, I took two years off from the stage and worked extremely hard in the gym. I recently competed at the Florida Grand Prix and took the overall, I competed at Jr. USAs placed 3rd, and at Jr. Nationals I placed 6th. I'm not stopping.

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My off-season and pre-season I do a Flexible Dieting approach for my nutrition. I hit a certain number of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber per day and I eat whatever foods I like as long as I hit those numbers. It allows me to have no restrictions so I'm never craving anything. Post show I even find myself having zero cravings because I'm aloud to eat whatever I want during my prep. Flexible dieting also allows me to have variety in my diet and have a healthy relationship with food. The only difference between my off-season and pre-season is that for pre-season my calories are lower.
I have never tried any other approach, flexible dieting works for me and I'll never do it any other way. I care about my health and longevity in the sport and flexible dieting is the main reason why I can keep going and not get burned out.

For training I use progressive overload and periodization. I don't change my movements in the gym to often because I like getting stronger in my staple lifts. For cardio I do low intensity steady state because it doesn't mess with my recovery. I add high intensity interval training when needed.

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Each show is a learning experience for me and I'm improving each time around. I'm learning about the judges and what they are looking for. How important posing, makeup, hair, suit, and tan are. Also what to do backstage, pumping up, water, sodium, carbs so much goes into show day.
You have to love yourself! Be proud of who you are and proud of how far you have come! Show day is all about having fun and showing off all your hard work. What gives me that extra boost of confidence is getting all glammed up on show day. The tan, suit, hair, makeup, heels, and jewelry all come together in the end and make you feel like a super star!

If you want something bad enough sometimes you are going to have to suffer from other areas of your life. Right now since I'm so focused on my end result an area that I have taken out of my life is my social life. I'm completely ok with taking that of my life at the moment because I have my whole life to go out. I'm focused only on my priorities at the moment.

I'm never going to quit or be satisfied. I have a clear vision of my dreams and I know it's possible. So as of right now I'm still in competition prep and getting ready to compete at the next national level show.

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