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I started competing in bodybuilding for several reasons. One reason is because I had been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for years and wanted to try something new and exciting. Another reason was that I was underweight and was struggling with an eating disorder. After making friends with my first bodybuilding coach, he helped me through fixing my eating disorder and made me fall in love with lifting weights. I've since done 5 shows and placed in top 5 in ALL! One show I earned 1st! I am a competitor at heart whether it's for jiu-jitsu or bodybuiding.

My off season diet is very Jiu-Jitsu focused. Meaning I eat allot of fruits, greens, and protein. Fruit is very essential for jiu-jitsu, it is hard to train without that natural sugar. However, for (on season) bodybuilding I reduce and pretty much cut fruit for a few weeks leading up to the show. I incorporate more protein in my diet for shows then I do for BJJ prep. As far as calories, I do not count. Coming from my eating disorder history, I am very careful with not letting myself go down a bad road. For me, I do not restrict foods because of a calorie limit. This works for me, for others it might not. But my diet is very clean. I am a pescatarian meaning I am a vegetarian + anything of the sea. So I eat lots of fish!

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Failed diet: Honestly, I can't remember ever being on a fad diet...I eat and train for my lifestyle not for a temporary diet. Yes, I do restrict some things for certain goals but overall I simply eat and train.

My routine might be a little different then other bodybuilders. Of course I weight lift 3-4 times a week but for cardio I do BJJ. I am currently a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu so my training is usually intense and definitely always challenges my cardio limits. If I count BJJ training as a cardio session then you could say I do cardio 6-7 times a week. Unless I am cutting weight for a BJJ competition then you'll never see me on a machine!

Building confidence in a bikini and heels on a stage in front of hundreds of people is no joke lol! Luckily, my trainer did a great job preparing me. He made me walk in the grocery store in my 6" heels. Also made me practice posing in my bikini in front of strangers all the time. He gave me tons of lectures and made sure that I was mentally ready as well as physically. However, no matter how much prep you do the best way to get more confident on stage is to be on stage more....compete only gets more and more comfortable to be on stage! Now I am at a point where I can't wait to get back on stage...I am craving it!

My feelings during preparation for a bodybuilding competition are usually thirsty and anxious! Of course I am nervous with every competition. Nerves are natural and if I was ever not nervous I would be worried I didn't want to win bad enough. The last couple days before stage time I start water being thirsty is without a question. I always get anxious. Not sure if every else does too or if I have an anxiety problem but I am always very anxious to get out on stage. I love getting a spray tan too. That marks that the hard work is over and now it's time to show off the hard work.

I am currently getting ready for The Arnold 2017 in Columbus Ohio. I would like to compete 3-4 times in 2017. It's difficult to juggle with BJJ competitions but I am confident that I can do it!

Laurah Hallock

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