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I have done sport since I was a child. I began with team sports and played football for 10 years and floorball for 5 years. Through them I was introduced to gym training which I continued after I stopped playing team sports. As a former athlete I wanted a goal to aim at. Competing also helps me see my progress between off-seasons.

Aerobic exercises are minimal off-season and are then gradually increased. Carbohydrates are increased and decreased according to weight loss. Fats and proteins are kept in the diet throughout. I have fats with every meal. I always have 5 meals a day and do not count calories. Off-season I try to eat as pure food as possible without gaining any extra weight. It makes the diet easier later on. I have only competed and dieted once but the protein and fat containing diet I used worked well with my body. I also got to keep quite a lot of carbohydrates in my diet.

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Self-confidence: I found this difficult in my first contest. The qualifying contest went well and I placed third and gained the right to compete in the Finnish Championship. In the Finnish Championship, however, I was so nervous that I screwed up my performance. For my next contest I need much more confidence and performance which I will be focusing on next time.

Off-season I do hardly any aerobic exercises. I only do light recovery walks in the forest with my dog as well as one run a week. When on diet I run 3 to 6 mornings a week and their amount and length is increased gradually whilst monitoring weight loss. I started running 30 minutes and by the end I ran 60 minutes at a time.

First contests are always exciting. The qualifying contest was fortunately in my home town so I was able to sleep at home after check-in. It was nice to see other athletes in the check-in and the judges seemed very nice. There was also a good atmosphere backstage during the contest and the stage judges cheered us on constantly. It felt incredible to be chosen for the first line-up and then the final. It gave me lots of confidence in what I am doing and I will never forget the feeling.

On the contrary, in the Finnish Championship I was greatly disappointed but I am not criticising the judges. My condition was just not good enough and next time I must be better. I am working hard towards that goal now and the results will be seen later on.

I am going to take a longer break to build muscle and probably will not be competing until spring 2018. Then I will be much stronger and more developed. My focus is particularly on building my upper body and buttocks.

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