Latonya Hopson - Figure Competitor

I began preparing for bodybuilding six years ago under the guidance of Otis Roberts. I was a collegiate track athlete and always was a competitive athlete since middle school. However, I didnít really challenge myself as an athlete until I start training for bodybuilding. Thatís when I took on a holistic approach and started to engage my mind, spirit and body.

Got me some hardware! And there will be more to come??. Placed first in my class and second overall in figure. Thanks be to God for this amazing opportunity! #womenwholift #figurecompetitors #bodybuilding #motivationmonday #musclesandtattoos #queenoffitness #jacksonvillefl #npcfigure #ocbbodybuilding #ngabodybuilding

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For my first show I did an eight week prep, my supplemental regiment and diet changed immensely and played an important role in my 8 week transformation. I ate 4 times a day in preparation of my last competition. While working with Lee Banks weight was not the main concern, more so body fat once I was in the 120ís. I was able to see more muscle striations from the effective changes in my supplements and diet. Currently, on my off season I am following my own plan and focusing on adding muscle mass to my upper body and conditioning my core as well developing more definition in my lower half. I intermediate fast about 4 to 6 hours a day. And increased duration of my cardio as well weight lifting. I am currently weigh 123, but have seen my weight stay between 122-124 since stepping on stage 05/05/18 at 117. I eat 85 to 90 percent healthy because I am not on a set regiment. I am cleaning bulking for my next show(s), possibly Nov and or Dec of this year.

I have noticed with the last competition prep my body adapts quickly to diets and changing the diet up is most helpful and has been accomplished with the help of Clean Eatz of Jacksonville, my meal prep sponsors. Prior to this competition diet I wasnít on a set meal prep regiment.

I knew from the beginning working on my stage presence was going to take some work. I hired Samantha Feenburg, who is a PRO Figure athlete in OCB an a PRO Figure and Physique athlete in NGA and NPC qualified figure athlete. Not only did she prepare me for my first show, she invested extra time and didnít allow me to slack off which transcended into other areas of my life. It was because of her confidence in me, I developed more confidence in myself. I believe posing is just as important as the nutrition, training, and the supplemental piece. Therefore, if one desires to be TOP NOTCH as a competitor on stage hiring professionals or working alongside those who have the experience and knowledge is the best way to go.

The components of my program will change immensely starting in August when I began with Steve Mousharbash, owner of Flawless Physique. I look forward in updating you all on the changes I underwent to become a more formidable and well rounded athlete. Since my first show I have made changes to my lifting, cardio and nutrition. I am looking forward in learning more about maintaining a better balance with my training and nutrition with Steve in addition to HIIT training.

My first experience was everything awesome. From drug testing to check ins, I can say it was a good experience and I am looking forward to more. My advice to anyone looking to get in this sport or has started is to remain positive no matter what.

Throwback Tuesday with @cleaneatzjacksonvillefl. I been bulking CLEAN with my meal prep sponsors ??. I am definitely happy about that??. Picture on the left was taken the week of my first competition and the picture on the right was taken yesterday. The week of my show I weighed 117. I weigh 122 as of now. I am excited to start a new method of training and dieting with Coach @stevemousharbash of @flawlessphysique. #womenwholift #figurecompetitor #bodybuilding #motivation #musclesandtattoos #queenoffitness #jacksonvillefl #npcfigure #naturalathlete #ebonyaesthetics #nubianqueen #blackgirlmagic #fitmotivation #fitspiration #fitchicks #topnotchmindset #faithoverfear #lifewithoutlimits #lifestylespecialist #onlinetrainer #entrepreneurlifestyle #businesswoman #healthyeating #healthiswealth #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #eatinglean #eattogrow #alwaysbposing #poselikeapro??

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Being a natural bodybuilder consumes my life, and I am fine with that since it is something I have made up in my mind to pursue as a lifestyle. I canít tell you when I will go pro as a natural athlete in any of the organizations I will compete in but my ultimate goal while doing this is to grow into a better woman of God, educator, entrepreneur, business owner, athlete, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and leader in my community. Having reliable support and accountability is crucial, and I have seen more progression as an athlete because of my accountability partner and mentor Alex Tripp who is also a professional bodybuilder. We all need honest feedback, but from those who have our best interest in mind since we can be too hard on ourselves or we may not be honest enough with ourselves, my family and friends have all been supportive and I am very grateful because this sport is not for the weak or weary .

My future plans are to meet new people from this sport, travel as an athlete and inspire as many as I can. I desire to continue my career as a sports management professor and collegiate strength coach. I believe God blesses us with gifts to be a blessing to others and it is our responsibility to use those gifts to glorify Him.


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