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How did I start - I smile each time I am asked this question, due to the fact that it brings happiness to my heart. I got started in fitness while stationed at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas. One day while training at the gym a gentleman by the name of Gunnar Lewis approached me and asked me what sport I played. At the time I didn’t play any sport, I was just heavily into lifting weights and training.

More conversations eventually lead Gunnar to asking me if I had ever thought about becoming a fitness competitor. At the time he was a local celebrity body builder and he told me about NPC. I did some homework on fitness competitions and felt I had the natural ability to compete. He agreed to train me for my first fitness competition and on May 13, 2001 I competed in very first my show. I did amazing at this show and went on to win first place in the tall class and took home the overall fitness title. I got bit by the fitness competition bug and found my place on stage.

I don’t truly believe in an off-season diet. As a professional athlete my health is my main priority, therefore I stay in shape all year around. At all times I could train for 6 -8 weeks and be contest ready. I love the healthy lifestyle and enjoy eating healthy and training at least 5 days per week. My eating includes foods such as beans, nuts, grains, fish and plenty of vegetables. I don’t consume a lot of meat but when I do, I prefer fish, lean ground turkey and some chicken. There are days during the week where I go meatless. Digesting meat is harsh on my digestive track and studies have shown many benefits of a plant based versus meat based diet.

I often encourage individuals who desire to get fit to stay on the course, because once your body becomes used to healthy fresh foods, it rejects processed foods.

When I am off-season if I choose to have a piece of candy or cookie when I desire it, I allow myself to do so. The funny thing about this is that I can get a headache from eating a peppermint due to all of the sugar that is in it. When people ask me do I have cheat meals I tell them no. Cheating has such a negative connotation. If I eat something that is not as healthy as I would normally eat, I allow myself to do so without the feeling of quilt. Healthy living is all about balance. When you think about cheating you put the food in control and not yourself.

I have a background in Exercise Science (Bachelor of Science Degree) and Human Performance therefore I create ALL of my diets. I know my body better than anyone else. When I competed and qualified for the Fitness Olympia in 2008, I created my diet plan and looked amazing on stage. Knowing what your body needs to perform at optimal levels is important for each competitor. Each person’s genetics, body type and metabolic rate differs therefore their meal plans should be created to meet their individual needs.

When I work with my competitors I tell them there is no one size fit all diets and for them to not FOCUS on someone else’s diet plan. Finding the right combination is literally based on trial and error. Although I don’t like red meat, when I added to my diet for the last two weeks of my training I came in fuller and had an overall better physique.

The supplements I invest in are BCAA’s, Glucosamine, a Women’s Multi-Vitamin, Flax Seed, Vitamin C and a Probiotic.
I take each of these supplements on a daily basis but during competition season I increase my BCAA’s and Glucosamine to assist me in recovery. As an IFBB Fitness Pro at one time we had 4 rounds, that meant not only did I have to get my physique stage ready I had to also perform 2 high intensity fitness routines. As one can imagine, this can create a lot of stress on your muscular and neuromuscular system and optimal recovery is essential to performance.

My training these days are different from the days when I was doing 2- shows per year. In the past I would do a spilt of two muscle groups per day 5 days a week focusing more on single joint movements. Today I enjoy doing more multi-joint exercises in a circuit fashion. I love movement and I love working multiple joints at one time. This method keeps me lean and assists me in not getting bored with traditional training. I am truly an athlete at heart and don’t like to sit still for long. I guess that is why I have done so well with fitness. On stage you get the chance to express yourself through dance and movement!

I just recently completed my Master’s Degree in Public Health and released my first women’s fitness training book entitled “I’m Not a Size Zero”.
I am a survivor of domestic violence and my book was birthed out of a situation that could have ended my life. Today I am using my status as a IFBB Fitness Pro to educate and empower women and young girls to love their bodies and themselves. It is unfortunate that we live in a society where young girls and women are lead to believe that if they have the perfect body and appearance then they are exempt from the pains of life. This is such an illusion! I have been voted as one of the top IFBB Competitors, featured in over 12 national fitness magazines and I wasn’t exempt from pain and insecurities. When I speak at events and women conferences and share I am survivor of domestic violence people often respond, “But LOOK at you”. Looks are deceiving and every women has to get know herself from the inside before she can truly love herself from the outside. With that being said, my plans for 2015 is to promote my book, grow my fitness company Action Jackson Fitness and to continue to build my competition team Jackson’s Jewels “ When SHINE on Stage”.

I am a busy woman and LOVE every moment of it!

For individuals who are interested in contest prep, online personal training, speaking engagements or my book, please email me at

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Laticia "Action" Jackson

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