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I caught up with the Brazilian Figure champion, Larissa Reis. We talked about her meteoric rise to the top of the amateur ranks, which earned her the Pro Card in the IFBB. As a former Playboy Bunny, Larissa exudes tantalizing sexuality with feminine muscularity.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
May 2008

* Larissa, how are you?

Larissa Reis: I am good. I am very busy right now with my training and my new website ( I am always busy trying to live my dream, but I am doing great.

* In 2005, you placed 1st in your first figure competition - the IFBB South American Championship and you were the Brazilian National IFBB Champion in 2006. Your success is so fast and impressive! How did you feel when you got the pro card?

Larissa Reis: I think that after my first show, I knew I was in love with this sport. However, in Brazil, my sport isn't as popular as it is here. I have a "never give up" attitude, and I think that is a big reason for my success. I felt as if I had realized the first step of my dream... I was very happy."

* Do you remember the day you decided to start competing? What drove you to start it?

Larissa Reis: I have been working out and training since I was 15 years old. I was working as a fitness model in a supplement store in Brazil. One day I saw a poster of Monica Brant at the store. I thought she looked amazing and had such good energy. She has been the Queen of my sport for so many years and I knew I wanted to compete from the first time I saw her.

* What do your parents Marlene and Joao think about your career? Were they surprised that you became muscular and an athlete?

Larissa Reis: I am very lucky to have parents who support me in everything I do. They just want me to be happy. I'm so glad! In Brazil, my sport is not popular at all, but there are a lot of girls that like figure. Over there, the best federation is NABBA.

* What was it like for you moving from Brazil to Florida last year? What is the hardest thing for you to get used to living in the US?

Larissa Reis: It was exciting for me. In Brazil there's no real opportunities in my sport and I really can't see myself doing other things. I really like to compete and in America I have so many opportunities to live my dream. The hardest part of moving from Brazil to the U.S.A. was leaving my family and friends. I miss them a lot.

* Who is your role model and why?

Larissa Reis: My role model is Nitiren Daishonin. He dedicated his life to teaching others about peace, love, and harmony. His wisdom has helped many people live a positive and happy life. He is very special to me and has changed my life as well.

* What keeps you motivated to train so hard?

Larissa Reis: For me, it's not a matter of training hard. It is my passion and I feel good when I train. I love seeing the changes that go along with training. But at the same time, it's important to have equilibrium for everything in life. I train hard because I believe you always have to give your best in everything you do. And now that it's my job it's even more important. (smiles).

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* What is your training routine and diet for a figure competition?

Larissa Reis: For a figure competition I start dieting about three months before the competition. I train six days per week and make sure to do cardio twice a day (45 minutes each). I do cardio when I wake up and before I train. When I am getting ready for a competition I eat only healthy, natural foods.

* I see your roommate is IFBB Pro bodybuilder Monica Martin, the Brazilian muscle queen. How did you meet each other, and what do you learn from one another?

Larissa Reis: I met Monica through a mutual friend that we have. He introduced her to me. She has taught me everything about my sport, photoshoots, making videos... she really is the queen of bodybuilding. She knows everything and I am so glad that I found her. She is a great friend.

* In 2003, you were in Playboy Brazil three times and was Miss December that same year. How has that experience been?

Larissa Reis: I felt really fortunate to get the opportunity to appear in Playboy Brazil three times. It is definitely not easy to be in that magazine because there are so many beautiful girls... But I had 8 pages and a poster in the December 2003 issue. I was Miss December Playmate in 2003. However, I don't think I'll be in Playboy again because now I've got a more athletic and toned body and Playboy doesn't really like that look.

* Your beautiful body is covered with many tattoos! Why do you like them? Do you think tattoos look good on anybody, or only on beautiful athletic women as you?

Larissa Reis: All of my tattoos represent a phase in my life and have a significant meaning. I love tattoos, but I can't put them on my body right now because of my career and competitions. The tattoos I do have I try to put in places on my body that people can't see because of shows and my career.

* Please tell me about your cat, Treasure Cat...

Larissa Reis: Haha, Treasure is actually Monica's cat, but in a way he is mine too because we live together. I love him so much. He thinks he's a dog. Haha. I love animals in general. One day I would like to have a zoo!

* How will you knock me out by using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Larissa Reis: I trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 5 years and I competed many times. I once got 1st place a long time ago in a National Championship when I was 15 years old. Now, I only do Jiu Jitsu on tatame (mats) or when I do videos.

* Are there any funny stories you would like to share?

Larissa Reis: The first time that I ever saw snow was at the 2008 Arnold Classic in Ohio. The first time I put my feet on the ground I slipped and fell! My whole body hit the ground. So funny... my first time and I slipped. I'm so lucky... I went to do a photoshoot and my butt was bruised from my slip and fall. Haha.

* Many women dream to have a body like you have. What will you tell them? How to start building the body of their dreams?

Larissa Reis: I think all people are different. I think by improving your body, someone can also improve their life and their spirit too. But you need to want to change for the better. I always try to change for the better, and not just my body. I always try to change myself to be a better person, more good energy, and more good heath. I think it's amazing. I would say never give up. Change can be very difficult, but it's not impossible. All people are different and that is what makes everyone special and unique. Everyone is different and everyone is special.

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