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I worked with a friend who was an amateur body builder (womenís figure). She made a comment that I should consider competing. She told me that there was a division for those with a smaller musculature. At the time I knew nothing about body building. I looked into the sport, become familiar with the bikini division and thought ďWhat do I have to lose? Soon after, I began my body building journey.

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Your very own personal success is no accident. Your success is due to dedication, hard work, discipline, perseverance, and sacrifice. Most of all, it is due to the LOVE of what you are doing ???? #dontgiveup #laceywarnerfitness #motivation #fitfam #determination #sacrifice #discipline #workhard #perserverance ????????????????

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During prep season my diet is very strict. I do not eat out at all during prep. My refeed days during prep are healthy i.e. no eating out or eating sweets. Also, I remove some of my favorite foods from diet, regardless if they are healthy (mixed nuts, peanut butter, fruit with high sugar (pineapple), fruit with higher carbs and calories (apples, bananas)). I make sure to drink at least 1 gallon of water each day.
During my off season I continue to eat healthy, but Iím more flexible. I re-incorporate my favorite foods. I try to drink 1 gallon of water as well, but itís not a priority when in off season. I eat more calories and my macros increase as they should.
During both prep season and off season, my macro ratios are 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat. I found that these ratios works great for my body type.

I do not do ďdietsĒ. Itís more about living a healthy lifestyle. However, as rookie competitor, I did not track my food; I didnít know better. All I knew was to eat better and healthy. This way of dieting helped me to lose weight, but my body had much more potential to look better.

As I began to body build, and I saw my body change in ways that I never knew that it could, that alone helped to better my self confidence. Also, I learned about healthy eating and eventually became a vegan. I was so proud of my body and the fact that I was able to achieve the changes by own effort ( research, seeking advice from others). When it came time to get on stage, I felt like I had already won. Also, I wanted everyone to see my physique improvements. That was all of the confidence that I needed.

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This is off seasoning. ?? Iím 11 weeks post competition this Saturday and 10 lbs above stage weight. My weight is fluctuating between 122-124 lbs and I am okay with that. I do not know what my current body fat percent is because I only test for body fat on the first and last day of prep. How I would love to maintain my stage leanness, however, it is necessary to gain weight in order to grow muscle and to be successful for the next prep. ??????????????????????????????????#offseason #prep #notadiet #itsalifestyle #athlete #fitfam #fitmom #fitabulous #healthy #vegan #veganmuscle #weightlifting #momswholift #womenwholift #fitwomen #healthylifestyle #gymnast #runner #firstcallouts ?? Picture on the left 03 Aug ??Picture on the right 18 Oct ????

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My off season training program consist of cardio and weight training. I perform cardio for 20 minutes. I donít do HIIT or fasted cardio during off season. I weight train for at least 1 hour each day. During prep season, I do up to 40 minutes of cardio. I do fasted cardio 5 days a week and I do HIIT cardio (20 minutes) 3-4 days of week. I weight train 1 hour post cardio in the morning. In the evenings I weight train again, for 60+ minutes.
My diet stays the same throughout off season. I increase calories as needed. Also, I add in refeed meals as needed. I enjoy myself and food during off season. I do not over indulge often during off season because that brings on unwanted and unnecessary weight gain.
During prep season my diet is strict. Once my body stops responding to my calorie deficit diet, I decrease my calories by 80-100 kcals. I continue with this pattern until show day. No matter how I feel, I stick with my diet. It may seem extreme, but itís worth it in the end.

My last show was in August 2018. When I arrived to check-in I was greeted my the Colorado contest promoter. He was very nice and asked me how many times Iíd competed that year and my goal for that show. I was complemented on my looks, which helped me feel good about that show. The show ran smoothly. The stage directors were great as usual. The head judge of the show was friendly and smiled at the competitors a lot during prejudging. He was very nice when moving each athlete around the stage and such. Finals were awesome. I was in 1st call outs and gained a national qualification.

Being an athlete has helped with my self confidence so much. I see myself in a different light. I feel like I can do absolutely anything that I put my mind to. Contest prep requires such discipline and preservation; upon finishing a contest prep season you realize about yourself how determination really helps to reach the goal. My health as gotten better and my body is in the best shape that it has ever been. I feel so much more alive and young. Being an athlete has helped me to make more goals. I am doing things with my life that I would have never thought to do if not for competing.

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My future plans are to grow my online business, acquire another certification that will help my career, become an IFFB pro, and to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.


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