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Well, I've been an avid athlete most of my life. I have been in sports since I was in 3rd grade... I tried almost every sport but fell in love with volleyball and track and field. I didn't get into track and field till high school and that's when I started to get into weight lifting! I stopped being a part of sports teams when I started college (to focus on academics and work/jobs) and always had an idea to be a bikini competitor... It's ironic though because I felt I wasn't good enough to be a bikini competitor... It was a faint dream in the back of my mind... I still trained hard at the gym though. I love working out!

Kyla Rpberts

It wasn't until I surrounded myself with like minded people at the gym such as Jessica Wilson an IFBB Pro... I was so inspired by her but I was still nervous to compete. At the time, my (ex) boyfriend had a dream to compete in Men's physique... He pursued it and it made me realize, "if he can do it, so can I!" So ultimately, I started to compete when I surrounded myself with like minded individuals who encouraged, motivated, and inspired me to pursue my dreams. I did a local show (not with MuscleContest because once again, I was very nervous..) just so I can "get my feet wet" and try a small show to see if I even liked competing...sure enough, I got hooked and that's when I built more confidence to go for my true dream of competing with MuscleContest.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: Honestly, my diet doesn't change that much. I've only been competing for a little over a year and I've had my coach, Sheena Jayne Martin, for almost the entire time... She creates a meal plan and I follow through... So far everything she's recommended and given to me, has helped me improve my physique! We keep my diet mostly on the "clean" side.. meaning most of the time I just eat things like:
Protein: chicken, protein shakes, etc.
Carbs: white rice, rice cakes etc. (possibly multi grain bread during off season, pasta during off season, tortillas during off season...)
Fats: peanut butter, avocado, etc.
Veggies: usually anything... but I like to stick with spinach leaves

She'll allow me to have a cheat meal once in awhile... What's interesting about my body type is that I'm eating around 2,000+ calories (even during pre contest...) apparently, I have a fast metabolism and in order for me to fill out... I must maintain a higher amount of calories.

Since I haven't been competing for that long I haven't had much of an experience with "failed competition diet plans". My coach and I manipulate my diet during off season to see how my body reacts to things... and again, I usually stick to the same foods so there aren't many changes to my meal plan. :) At least nothing drastic, yet.

Kyla Rpberts

I surrounded myself with positive influences and people who were either competing, planning to compete, or have already competed (and are at the top like IFBB Pro or etc). This sport is just as mentally and emotionally challenging as it is physically... so I had to get my mindset corrected and I couldn't have done it without my inspirations. One of them being my coach, Sheena Jayne Martin. Plus, I'm a very competitive person... so when I'm after a goal, I usually throw myself 100% into that journey.

My components of training is mostly isolated lifting with some HIIT training. I used to do a ton of cardio and compound weight lifting.. but after I met Sheena, she helped me to get out of my comfort zone and really isolate certain muscles on my body that needed more attention compared to others. And she helped me to drastically decrease my cardio training but still maintain a certain amount of cardio. (Being a former track athlete, I told her I needed something whether it was 10mins of HIIT on stair master or some form of plyometrics included with my weight training :) )

Balancing the two is pretty simple... I already love working out so that's the easiest part for me - training. As far as diet, I've been meal prepping for awhile now, and it has become practically a habit of cooking all my meals for the week. My most recent show was the USA NPC National MuscleContest show. Throughout the entire trip, I was so excited as well as nervous to be able to compete on one of the most prestigious amateur stages of MuscleContest. I felt like I was on cloud 9. I was truly blessed and grateful to be there! During prejuding, I was so shocked when I got first call outs for my first National show! <3 it was like my dreams were coming true already! During finals, I did not make top 5, but I found out later I was top 6! I felt so motivated! I just hardly made top 5 and that gives me so much motivation and inspiration to continue to compete since I feel so close! <3

Being an athlete affects my life in multiple ways. I revolve my social life around my daily routines. For instance, I'm so dedicated to the gym! I have certain days and times that I go to guarantee I stay on track with my athletic goals. With my social life, I don't go out as often with my friends/family to eat or get drinks when I'm competing because once again, I must maintain focus towards my goals! Don't get me wrong, I still go and spend time with friends/family! It's either I will bring my own meals with me or I will go out with friends and family when I'm allowed to have my cheat meal.

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I had no idea I looked THIS different! It's crazy what the timing of food can do to someone's body! This is a repost from my coach who shares the breakdown of how I changed within 1 week. #TeamSJF #bikini #competitor #athlete #foodie #california #improving #transformation #booty #Repost !!! @sheenajayne_fitness • • • • • • 1 WEEK TRANSFORMATION!!! ??? ? How much can you improve in 1 week between back to back shows?? ? ? Well, in @skyla_24_’s case, at least this much! ??????? ? Both sets of pics are taken show day morning a couple of hours before the stage. ? ? Every individual is different AND every show is different for every individual! ? ? During peak week my clients usually check in every day so that I can adjust food/macro quantities or any other changes based on the way their body is changing!! ? ? Below is a high level breakdown of @skyla_24_’s Peak Week in each case. ? ? If you want to learn more make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel (& notifications) as I’ll be posting our show day vlog in the next day or two!??? ? If you have questions, leave them below & I will be sure to address them in future content! ? ? ????????: ? • May 25th @musclecontest? • Moderate carbs all week (100-130g/day)? • Moderate protein & fats all week ? • 2.5 day carb back load (approximately 3000 calories of additional carbs)? ? ??????????: ? • June 1st @musclecontest ? • Higher carbs all week (150-200g/day)? • Moderate protein & moderate (but increased) fats all week? • 2.5 day carb back load (approximately 4000 calories of additional carbs) ? • Wearing my custom @cjselitesuits with bigger bikini cups to improve upper body proportions & drape connectors to accentuate/create more curve through Kyla’s lower body. ? ? Both peaks involved loading on clean/more fibrous as well as high impact (junk) carbs! ? ? ????????? ? WHEN you are in CONDITION you can really have some fun in making improvements. ? ? ????????? ? If you’re interested in competition or lifestyle coaching reach out via DM/email & let’s chat about how I can help you to achieve your goals! ? @musclecontest @tkguindy @tamerelguindy @cjselitesuits @glamcompjewelry @protan_official

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Future plans: Most definitely! I'm in discussion with my coach about future shows... but since I'm still Nationally qualified... my goal is to prepare for another National show in the near future. I do plan on competing at other shows besides Nationals as well. :) It's just a matter of when. ;)


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