Kristy Fugate - Bikini Competitor

I got into competing in 2017. I had put it off for a few years wanting to compete but didnít know how to start. Which Iím guessing this is how most people feel. I did my first NPC competition in October 2017 and was hooked ever since. I have now done a total of 3. I did a regional show, and my first national show this past June.

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My diet from offseason to on season is pretty much the same, just more calories. After my show, I go on a reverse diet just like every athlete should and then start adding more calories each week working up to over 2000 calories a day. I have been on many plans while dieting. I have carb cycled, been low carb, high fat. It just depends on what my coach wants and what he thinks works best for my body and the stages I am in and how far away or close I am to show day. My training program consists of hypertrophy training, HIIT, and low-intensity cardio. When I am training for a show I am doing all three. Again it all depends on where I am in my training and how I am looking.

I built my confidence throughout my life being on stage. Every since I was 12 I have been on stage in the spotlight. I was a cheerleader in middle school, high school, and cheered D1 for Arizona State University and the University of Minnesota

Show days are the best days and what you put all the work in for. They are filled with nerves, excitement, and love. They are what makes the process all worth it. Show day you meet new friends that have the same passion for life as you do and they slowly become your closest friends.

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Being an athlete affects your life because you are always on a meal plan pretty much. Yes, you can have meals in the offseason but you want to stay focused. Your training often comes before everything and is your number one if you take competing seriously.

My future plans are to build for the next year after competing twice this year and get back up on stage next year and compete in a regionals show and a nationals show!


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