Kristina Nicole - Physique Competitor

I was a dancer/ cheerleader during high-school 2006-2010 and didn't begin weight training till late 2013. I first began lifting weights simply to get back in shape (I gained 30lbs after school) and to rebuild my self confidence. It wasn't until January 2016 that I became interested in bodybuilding - My first show was in October 2016 which is where I qualified for nationals.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: Big difference! When I am on prep I am restricted from a lot of food groups as to when I am off prep I am then allowed to incorporate all food groups in moderation as well as adding an occasional "cheat meal". I don't count calories... I track my protein, carb and fat intake. Which is what has worked best for me!
What has failed me in dieting is when I was not eating enough. "Starving my muscle." Which is when I lost muscle... I've upped my protein and carb intake since my previous prep.

Training: Mainly Weight lifting 5x a week and cardio 6x a week as well as occasionally HIIT. I eat accordingly to when I plan to be active / train "food for fuel".

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Confidence was built naturally from within and throughout the process of preparing for the show. Learning how to embrace my body and the hard work it took to get it to where it currently is, stepping away from my comfort zone.

My first show was thrilling! From check-ins when you're meeting face to face with your judges, to interacting with many more athletes, as well as your competition. To getting dolled up and stepping on stage for Pre-judging, which I would say is the most important part of the competition. Then there's the post judging meal - yum!! And at last Finals, where you get to perform and put on a show for the audience! Of course placing and trophies are rewarding - as well as the post show celebration with friends and family! Win or lose, just being able to step on stage is an achievement to be proud of!!

@westsidebarbellofficial Hamstring Fallouts No hands: No added weight needed // Just me, myself, & these hamstrings! @idolmakermiami x @designed_performance #womensphysique #bodybuilding #ambitious #dreamteam

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Life as an athlete: It definitely affects your life due to the simple fact that it changes your mindset and priorities. There will always be constant temptation whether it be partying, alcohol, or food. Many people who aren't into fitness don't truly understand an athlete's lifestyle. At the same time, being an athlete is rewarding simply by being an inspiration or motivation to others.

I plan to become a Pro in the Women Physique division, I plan to continue competing and become Olympia qualified! I plan to continue to build a name for myself as well as my brand. I also plan to get a degree as a dietitian.

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