Kristi Ois - Bikini Competitor

I've been active most of my life - dance lessons when I was younger, running, going to gym etc. Last year I felt, that I need to push myself a bit and first challenged myself with running. After running two half marathons I still felt like it's not enough and decided to compete in a fitness competition. I always liked the bodies of the bikinifitness competitors!

Off season I'm less strict with my eating, but I still like eating clean and healthy food. I've never been a junk food lover and I don't really have a sweet tooth either. If I'm on my prep I try not to drink alcohol at all, off season I do love my wine! :) For me the best "diet" it high protein and low carbs. I love chicken with veggies and eggs in any way! The main difference for me with off season/ pre contest is the amount of carbs and allover calories that I consume. I don't really believe in diets, I think that eating normal, wholesome and healthy food in right amounts is the best diet.

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Usually I have 5-6 gym session every week and every time I also do a bit of cardio (depends on a day 10-30 minutes). Sometimes I just go for a run as well - I love running! So mostly my cardio is running. I haven't really done HIIT type of things... I just don't feel like it's for me. I love running and lifting weights, so I think I'll stick to those two. But never say never! On days when I do more cardio I try to have more carbs, but I stay pretty consistent with my eating from day to day.

I have never been a shy girl and I always loved attention, so going on a stage itself wasn't problem for me. On my first comp I just didn't know what to expect and it was like a "trial" for me. I have really good posing trainer and I think if you learn how to present the best sides of your physique and you feel comfortable in your body, then that's all you need to be confident! The last comp that I did, I won first place in my division. When we were called back to stage for trophy presentation, they said the first 3 names in no particular order and I already thought "Yes, I came third!" Third place wasn't me. I thought "Holy crap, I came second!"... After they gave away trophy to 2nd place I realized, that I actually won and I didn't know what to do! I was so confused and happy at the same time! I must have had the biggest smile on my face, it was unbelievable!

At the moment I'm taking a bit time off and planning to compete again next year. The goal is to build some more muscle to bring a better package to stage next time.


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