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I joined a group of mom’s who wanted to get fit and start working out and our son’s all played football and we called the group, the DTM’s (Dedicated training moms). My vision board was filled with bikini competitor body parts. I worked out hard but wasn’t getting the results. Our trainer at the time said it was due to the diet and one of the girls in the group said our goal would be to compete in a fitness competition. I had no idea what that was at the time but said, I want that body sign me up. I remember asking my husband—“I want this body, I will do the training but I don’t want to compete what do you think?” He replied, “then you will not get that body, I know you and you need ‘skin in the game’ to go after your goal”!

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That was the best thing he could have replied because after that I was committed. We did our first show at the Me vs. Me Beauty and Bodies classic – a local show sponsored by Morgan and Veronica Edwards. I met some ke, amazing people who really helped me through my hurdles and is the reason I had a more positive experience, Michelle Gregor @ train_diet_compete and my husband ended up being an awesome trainer too, who knew!! After this first show, I decided to do another competition and was hooked!

I try to eat healthy on the off season but will have more calories and definitely more carbs. I allow myself to indulge within moderation with the things I love (ice cream, candy, bread!). I tried a hi/lo/no carb plan but it didn’t work for me. It didn’t work for me probably due to a combination of me not fully understanding the execution and poor implementation. I went to a steady calorie/carb/protein type of diet and gradually taper it as I get closer to a competition.

Self-confidence: My husband has been instrumental with this component of the competition. I probably wear him out! I don’t like the “center or attention” piece and had to learn to fake it till you make it. My husband is awesome and put it into this perspective that worked for me – he said go out there and celebrate the results you have accomplished and the goals you have crushed! The pictures on my vision board that I have always worked so hard for but wasn’t getting results until I started training for a competition and learning how to eat health- celebrate that!

Peak Week Day 1 AB check! Thought I would chart each day through this peak Week. Still waiting on my @carrie.lifts.11 abs to arrive! ????Come on Amazon drones!! #goingforbettereachprep #pittsburghnationals2018 #??myhubbysupportmyrock #peakweekislikechristmas??????

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I incorporate a mix of lifting (heavy lifting to light weights with more reps based on where I am in my prep) and a mix of cardio and HIIT. I go by what my body is looking like and the body goals I want to achieve. I find this part completely fascinating and am still learning a lot about the how’s and why’s and what your body can do. I stick to a specific set of calories and macros depending on where I am in my prep cycle.

My most recent competition was the NPC – Beyond Raw- Teen, Collegiate, Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sponsored by Gary Udit. It was an awesome experience! There was so much excitement and positive vibes it was energizing. You meet so many amazing people from the fellow competitors to the event staff to the vendors. I have been very blessed in that I have loved all my competition experiences so far! Sure there are fears and doubts that try to creep into your mind but you just fend them off by focusing on the positives.

I played sports in high school and college and have always thrived from that type of competition. Competing in the fitness competitions have brought back the adrenaline rush from competing not necessarily with others but pushing myself to be my best and that drive to continue to get better and take it to the next level—it makes me feel like I am firing with all engines---it’s a great feeling.

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I thought I would start my off season after the NPC TCM Nationals but now, I am going to dip a toe in the water and compete in the 2018 IFBB Pro Masters Championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!!


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