Kristen Seeck - Bikini Competitor

I have always been an athlete. I played tennis my whole life. In 2014, I moved out to Hawaii to pursue teaching. By this point, my focus shifted away from tennis and began taking more of an interest in lifting. Honestly, I was inspired by a lot of girls on IG. I had no clue what I was doing. I joined a gym and decided to get a trainer. She happened to compete. Once I saw her compete and learned the basics, I was hooked.

My diet doesn't change a whole lot. This is a lifestyle. During off season, I will increase calories, but general foods are the exact same. I have always taken an IIFYM approach. Flexibility works best for me regardless if I am in off season or prep.

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I think my first coach had me on a generic meal plan. It was okay while I was still learning how prepping actually worked, but it eventually became too restricted. I think it works well for athletes, but it is all dependent on individual needs.

I focus on myself and only myself during prep. I don't do the comparison game and focus on what other competitors are doing. This has allowed me to appreciate the journey and changes I have made more, therefore building greater confidence. I also show up mentally and physically everyday. Knowing I gave it my all and nothing else at the end is a game changer. Practicing posing everyday also helps tremendously. Having a sound routine and not having to worry about posing show day allows me to enjoy the moment and have fun.

I am lifting 5 days a week right now. Having two back to back rest days allows me to recover well and therefore give 110% each workout. I do a mix of both SS cardionand HIIT. Both forms of cardio have their own advantages. I think the key to balancing training with diet is having a clear plan both in the gym and with my meals. Everything I eat is prepared and my macros are adjusted based off current goals. The saying "fail to prepare, prepare to fail " is very relevant.

I competed in Badget State with Shredded Cheddar Productoons and had an amazing time. The promoters did a great job with expediting check ins, explaining rules and structure of the show, and overall treated the athletes well. It was the largest show I competed in, so making first call outs during Pre Judging was a great feeling. My class was stacked so being in that call out was a win in itself. Same thing with finals, I got called for Top 5 and was elated. I will also say, their sponsors are top notch. Knowing your tan looks great and your hair and makeup are perfect is one less thing to worry about.

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The confidence booster I have gotten from competing has helped me excel in other aspects of my life, especially career. I ended up getting my Bachelor's in Exercise Science and have landed a career in Cardiology. I have learned to just go for other goals and not let anything sideline me.

I am competing this fall. Goal is to re-qualify for nationals. I hope to step on the national stage 2020!


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