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August 2017

Krista: I actually started competing in the 90's in bodybuilding. I did a few shows and did well but the look of bodybuilding was moving toward larger more muscular women and I was not interested in getting "big" back then. In 2008 I was approached at my gym and it was suggested that I do a figure competition. I had no idea what "figure" was. I looked it up and basically said "no way." The more I thought about it, the more interested I became. I decided I wanted to see if I still had the discipline to do the diet and I was very interested in what I would look like at the end of a prep. So, in 2009, I did my first show. I did numerous shows and turned pro in 2012.

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My diet changes from pre-competition to prepping for a show in terms of portion size and when I'm prepping for a show I obviously am more strict with measuring and food timing. In my off-season diet I have more freedom to enjoy things I like while still eating high-protein healthy meals. I eat a lot of chicken, tuna and beef both on and off prep I also like to eat egg whites and the occasional protein shake. Usually midway through show prep I will switch to eating mainly tuna steak with egg whites in the mornings and a beef meal later in the day. I find that eating primarily fish meals helps me lean out more and obtain a more harder look.

When I first started competing I mainly just asked for prep help from fellow competitors. Someone gave me the advice to eat four ounces of chicken and four asparagus spears for every meal the week leading to my show. This diet caused me to pass out the day of the show and I quickly realized that this minimal amount of food was not what my body required. I stay pretty lean all year so I don't need any crazy hard-core diet to get on stage. I actually eat large meals for every meal of the day now, even leading up to a show.

Getting onstage in that little bikini is never easy. It was actually one of the reasons I started, a long time ago, in bodybuilding. It was out of my comfort zone and I wanted to make myself do something I wasn't entirely comfortable with. As I've done shows, I'm much more comfortable getting onstage than I used to be. I think I've become comfortable in my own skin and also knowing that after months of prep I look pretty freaking good so it makes it easier to strut my stuff on stage. I also like to practice posing in the middle of a crowded gym to get used to people that I don't know looking at me.

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When I'm prepping for a show I do fasted cardio in the morning, I train a little later in the morning and then some days I'll actually go and train for a second time and then do my final cardio in the evening. I do HIIT cardio on a spin bike to help bring out the definition in my quads. I usually do that in the mornings and either repeat it in the evening or I will do HIIT on the stepper. I try to train legs four times a week which requires me to do two-a-day training split so that I can get all of my muscle groups trained in a week. In the off-season I don't do much cardio I mostly just lift and try to gain some muscle size. I don't get over weight in the off-season so not doing cardio is not detrimental to my physique. I've done this for so many years now it's very routine and very simple for me to plan my training and meals so that everything is coordinated. I also always bring extra meals, just in case, because the worst thing I could do is miss a meal.

This year I switched to women's physique from figure. My first competition in women's physique was the mile high in Denver which is my hometown. It was amazing to compete at home, I have not done that since 2009. My fellow competitors knew that it was my first women's physique show and they were all extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful to me. It was the most fun show I have ever done because of their support of me. When I got off stage after doing my routine they all hugged and high-fived me and it made me very happy and I knew at that moment that I had made the correct decision in switching to women's physique. We all seem to have a sisterhood; backstage we take pictures, we bring treats for each other, we go out with each other after the shows and we have a great time.

Being an athlete makes me more disciplined and organized. And also, obviously, keeps me healthy and happy. I love that I motivate people and I meet people daily that follow me on social media and tell me how they love my posts, that they've tried my training videos themselves, and that I motivate them to work out and stay healthy too. I think I've become a more outgoing person because I am a competitor in the sport of bodybuilding.

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I am currently off-season and trying to add a small amount of muscle size and improve on some small details in my physique. My plan is to step on stage early 2018 with an improved women's physique package. After three top-five finishes this year, I'm hoping to improve on that next year. My goal is to make a third Olympia appearance and a first in women's physique.

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