Kortney Olson - "Woman with World's Deadliest Thighs"

Kortney: I needed something to focus on when getting off of drugs and alcohol. I've always been into building muscle. Since I was 7 years old I've wanted a 6 pack. But I didn't want to compete until I got off of speed.

Diet: Currently I'm all confused. hahahahaha! But really- for 2015 when I was prepping for 2 shows, my diet was primarily based on meat and veg. Typical. Calories varied from 1600-2000. Constantly changing the ratios but sticking between the same foods: chicken, kangaroo, ground beef and different veg. Carbs were brown rice or sweet potato. Pretty standard boring ass shit. I'm currently working my way down to becoming vegan. I've stopped eating all meat except foul, and will eventually cut out anything animal based. I've always been one that lusts after all animal life, but not enough to change my eating habits. But once I watched the documentary "Cowspiracy", I was completely woken up and decided something had to be done.

Video: Kortney crushing a watermelon with her thighs in 2 seconds!

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Self-confidence: I was born with it. I've always been an entertainer. I don't have a long competition history, but the aim for the shows I did in 2015 was to be the best entertainer.

My body responds quickly to 30 minute high intensity training with no intervals. That's what I'm doing now. When competing I was strictly working on glutes/hams, rear delts, back, and VMO training. Cardio I would do 20-30mins fasted 6 days a week.

Future plans: Not compete- I can tell you that much! My future plans consist of me getting back onto the mats and focusing on my fighting skills. I have a lot of people who compete. It's hard work- with little reward. But I figure if I'm going to spend a majority of my day doing something, it's going to be something that creates abundance, isn't self-centred, and is actually healthy. I LOVE looking like something that has stepped out of a comic book, but that shit is not healthy for the mind.

I am releasing my highly anticipated leg program around the end of June, 2016. Anyone reading this who wants to sign up can visit www.thighschool.com.

email: konfidencebykortney@gmail.com

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