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My life had always revolved around fitness. From running, to martial arts to ball sports. I had always wanted to compete, but always thought I was too shy. I eventually realised that there were so many awesome things waiting for me outside of my comfort zone and I just had to go for it!!

Diet: I'm a total foodie. I love food. So off season I try to monitor my macros but I am rather flexible about what I eat.... I follow more of a IIFYM diet, whereas pre contest I follow a diet structured by my coach, Warren germishuizen, he makes my plan based on the changes my body needs to make and time frame dependent.

Failed diet plans: As a large portion of the population I've fallen victim to trying quick fixes and crash diets here and there... They just don't work... slow and steady really does win the race. Consistency is key!!!

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I train around 6 days a week. I LOVE training and with my job I am fortunate enough to be able to spend around 3 hours a day training, I keep it interesting with different components... strength training with heavy weights 5x per week and I do cardio 6 times per week. I like to change up my cardio to keep myself interested... but I do what I feel like doing, sometimes it's road running, other times a spin class or maybe just a hike on some days!

Self confidence for stage: Haha!! Minutes before I stepped on stage I had no idea if I would freeze in panic, however, once I stepped out there I had no fear at all and it felt like I was meant to be there!!!

Recent contest: I competed in IBFF SA champs a week ago... I loved every second!!! I was extremely nervous leading up to the show, however on show day my nerves vanished and I really just enjoyed the experience of the day. I was extremely emotional, all my hard work had paid off and I couldn't stop thinking "wow! This is really happening"

Next year is going to be a big one for me. I am going to take the rest of this year to focus on building my weaker areas so I can bring a better package to the stage next year! I'd also like to work on a fitness photography portfolio!!

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