Kimberley Capocchi

For me, it has been a struggle to find the right balance of healthy clean eating after comp. I spent 18months dropping a large amount of weight (37kg) prior to stepping on stage, so for as long as I could remember, my diet had been about restrictions, calorie counting, depletion and pretty much being as plain as possible.

Discovering the balance after comp took me longer than I had hoped and the mental battle of not being in “comp shape” anymore really played on my mind. But it’s a process many competitors have to navigate their way through, I never felt alone.

Now that I have a sense of control, my diet during my off season has become more structured. I still consume 6 meals a day. I find this allows my metabolism to keep going strong. However I allow myself more clean carbs in the form of brown rice & sweet potato. I consume ½ cup of clean carbs up to 3 times a day depending on what my energy levels are and what type of workout I am doing. My meals are spaced out every 3 hours, with exception to my post workout shake and dinner, which often are closer together. I find that this maintains my energy levels and allows me the ability to push myself in training.

During my on season, I go through numerous phases with my diet, gradually manipulating carbs and fat levels to assist with weight loss, while maintaining a high level of protein to encourage muscle retention. Diary is limited to a dash in my morning coffee and fruit is put on the back burner, with the exception of berries a few times a week.

I haven’t tried any competition diets. What I have been guilty of is trialling fad diets; lite n easy, weight watchers, lemon detox, CSRIO etc. None of which promote a healthy, long term or educational approach to a healthy balanced diet.

I don’t take weight loss supplements. I don’t find them necessary. If you eat clean and train hard, your body will have no other option but to change. You need patience… You won’t see results overnight, but they will happen. In my opinion “pills” are not the quick fix answer to weight loss.

Preparation is the key. I am a wife, a step mother and I work full time. Having my routine ensures that I get everything I need to get done. Everyday.

In order to do this, I split my training. I complete my cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to kick start my metabolism for the day. My cardio ranges from 45min-1hr and can be anything from jogging, to incline walking. 2 times a week I complete HIIT either on the Bike or the Treadmill for 30min.

In the off season, I have 2 days rest per week. On season, I have 1 day rest. The intensity of my cardio also increases during my on season. I also add a second 30-45min cardio session from about 6 weeks out. This is completed after my weights, but not on leg days.

My weights training split changes depending on where I am and or what body part is lacking. My current training plan is a 4 day split:

• Chest & Abs
• Legs
• Back & Abs
• Shoulders & Arms

An example of my daily routine is below:

• 5.30am Wake. Immediately have my vital greens, mixed with glutamine & creatine
• 5.45am Cardio session
• 7.00am Breakfast (example: 1 egg & 4 egg whites, 50g spinach, garlic & chilli)
• 10.00am Mid-morning meal (example: 100g protein & cut vegies)
• 1.00pm Lunch (example: 120g protein, salad & ¼ avocado)
• 4.00pm Afternoon meal (example: 100g protein & spinach)
• 6.30pm Weights Training
• 7.30pm Post workout shake mixed with vitargo & glutamine
• 8.30pm Dinner (example: 150g protein, veg with flaxseed oil)
• 9.30pm Prepare my breakfast, get my workout gear sorted & make my way to bed.

Kimberley Capocchi
Fitness Model Inspirational Award ANB Vics 2012

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