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My fitness journey started 5 years ago after I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My liver and Kidneys were failing and I got told if I didnít drastically change my bad habits that I would go on dialysis. I did just that, I turned it all around. Once I started seeing results it became addictive. The moment I wanted to compete was when I went to watch a local competition a year ago, I was amazed with the transformations, and everyone had a different reason for competing. Me, I wanted to prove that my body could do it with my diagnosis with all the challenges training would bring. I had a goal and wanted to conquer it. I am now in process of training for my first competition and my body is responding great.

The diet for me that I have found to be effective for off season is a balanced 2000 calorie diet, still protein, veggies, some carbs, every now and then I give myself a treat. I keep my blood sugar balanced with the foods that are natural and fresh. Everybody handles dietís differently. You have to find what works for you.

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Posing practice was a win today!!!! Getting more comfortable!! #fitnesslife #fitmomma #womenwholift #momswholift #bodybuildingwomen #ocb #ocbfigure #posingpractice #anytimefitnessmilton

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So far for my first competition the diet my trainer has me on has been effective.. Getting as much protein in at first with some carbs and slowly backing off carbs to lean out. I am currently carb cycling right now.

My training is warm up with a 15 min jog, heavy weights 5 Ė 6 times a week. Legs, Shoulders, Back and Butt, Arms, Butt and Chest. The order does change and workouts change to confuse the body for better results. I have 1 hour of cardio 5 times a week. Running, squats with bands, sprints, Elliptical exercises, and stairmaster.

Doing a competition definitely affects your family members at home also. They are your ultimate support system every day. They also go through everything you do, Since I started training we donít go out to eat, we donít attend parties or events because of the diet restrictions and to prevent temptation, I am in the gym 4 Ė 5 hours a day, so my husband definitely helps with the kids and household chores, he also helps cook my meals to stay on track. My family also deals with my mood swings at times because I am hungry, fighting cravings, and body is really tired.

For future plans I would love to do a few more shows in the future and train others who would like to do a show and train others to just live a healthier lifestyle. I fully believe in reversing diseases and certain conditions. I am living proof of reversing Type 2 Diabetes. Now I am doing my first competition with no complications.


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