Kiel Tamiyasu - Bikini Competitor

I started to compete when I decided to stop being scared and make a real move toward my goal of becoming a bikini competitor. That move was getting a trainer who had connections and insights as to who and what made for a good nutritionist, posing coach, etc.

My diet changes from off season when I do flexible dieting to pre contest when I adhere to meal plans outlined by my coach. These plans are as detailed as the amount of ground beef and what type (93/7) Iíve found detailed meal plans are most effective to lose weight but not as helpful when trying to build muscle but this is because I utilize meal plans when Iím cutting and operating at a deficit so of course, muscle building will be extremely hard during this phase. Iíve tried flexible dieting before with a coach who was careless and let a lot of things go unnoticed that ultimately hindered my progress.

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??Donít drip too hard, donít stand too close ?? Seriously, or else youíll get my spray tan on you ?? Wouldnít want to compete in any other suit ???????????? #toxicangelzbikinis #titangrandprix2018 #npcbikini

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My confidence came from the hard work out and countless hours I put in at the gym. Whether on the stairs at 4 am or hitting weights after a long work day in the office, these times gave me the confidence I needed to step out because I knew I had worked my ass off for that day and deserved and earned every right to strut my stuff.

I do fasted cardio, lift and then post weight training cardio. I just do it. Balancing these things was never an issue for me as Iím a very routine oriented person so once I found a groove that worked for me to get my meals prepped and get in the gym I stuck with it.

I walked into Athlete check in thinking it would be tense and very judgmental as youíre seeing all the girls youíll be competing against but I was very mistaken as everyone was super nice, approachable and we even vented about how hungry and tired we were. I found the girls at competitions Iíve participated in have all been amazing people and so inspiring too.

Being an athlete affects every facet of my life. To my friends and family it may seem insane and not worth it but to me, I wouldnít trade it in for the world. Iíve never felt better or loved my body more than I do when Iím training or prepping for a competition.

Iím going to keep training and competing and the ultimate goal is to step on stage at nationals once I feel Iím at my peak and ready to do so.


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