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At the age of 24 I realized I was in total control of my health when I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. The only way I was going to be able to conduct myself as a healthy human and not be held back from the joys and excitement of a full life was by strict dieting. I'm a firm believer in walking the talk and being able to empathize with others by listening and accepting them as equals with problems and experiences just like myself, I took responsibility for my own health and decided then I wanted to be the best me I could be. To live limitless.

My diet changes from healthy clean eating and indulging in the pleasures of my sweet tooth in moderation while in the off season, to a strict calculated diet during prep. I have become disciplined in this due to my hunger for growth and maximizing my potential as a person, body, mind and soul. I do enjoy this process and therefore it does not change drastically at any given time and I am fortunate for that.

Keri Ann Heitzman

Keri Ann Heitzman

I have tried several diets and combinations of different diets throughout the years and I've come to the conclusion of a few things. Everybody is a complexed unique individual and needs different nutritional portions that fit their needs. A diet should be planned, layed out and executed with precision to be able to really learn what your body reacts to. I have tried keto diets and low carb diets and have found myself frustrated with little satisfaction in results. I do not believe in IIFYM or similar diets simply because not every calorie is the same. I don't think individuals should be looking to fit a mold but should have an individual goal lined up for their dieting whether it be to fit in their dream wedding dress or compete on stage. For me what has worked to reach my goals of competing on stage as a physique pro has been a controlled diet and making empowered educated decisions.

Everyone is on this planet for a purpose. My purpose is to empower people, to love who they are from the inside out. And knowing my purpose has given peace within myself, that alone is enough of a confidence builder for me to strut my stuff on stage. I know that I am giving it my all and that with a goal planning diet and exercise plan executed properly I accept what lies ahead with being judged on stage. If I am true to myself I cannot be let down. When my mind body and soul are as one I have limitless potential. My body is only a representation of my mind and when I keep that in perspective I have confidence for everything that I do on stage. I believe when on stage people see the dedication, discipline, and sacrifice that it took to get here and not the tiny little suit im wearing.

The components of my weight training consist of hard work dedication sacrifice on a consistent basis. I keep a healthy balance with my training and diet by living a very intuitive life. I know that everything I do in life has a consequence that is good or bad and I make educated decisions on what fits my lifestyle for its purpose.

I truly believe that every show presents its own rewards and challenges. And every stage gives you an opportunity to meet more amazing great people and share life experiences and in perspective. I'm super blessed to have my best friend be an athlete as well and be my assistant and personal professional maeup artist that travels with me every where I go. living in the moment making fabulous memories changing lives. The best experience for me at any show is the amount of personal growth I can gain and how many people can be affected by that in a positive way. Becoming a better me and teaching people to become a better them, hopefully will make the world a better place one person at a time.

My future plans.
2016 one of my favorite shows is the Denver Pro. I'm feeling a calling to compete internationally and would set the bar to compete @ the Mr. O in 2016.

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