Kenzie Parker - Figure Competitor

Update, April 2017.

My most recent contest: 2016 NorthCoast Championships - placed 7th out of 12. Love this show, always runs smoothly. The promoters are amazing! I am currently less than 4 weeks out from this show. I won 2nd runner up for the Act of Kindness giveaway which included free entry, tickets and a free posing session with the one and only Charles Lyons.

I have a new coach and I am now apart of Mike Davies' Team. My prep has been about 16 weeks long and it is much more strict than last prep. I love it though! Mike is a great coach and he definitely knows his stuff! My off season was very rough as my mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and I was diagnosed with FAI and severe osteoarthritis. I wasn't able to walk for 2 months! Fortunately, I have found a way to work around it and I am back to competing again as well as training clients. My main challenges during prep are posing (I'm getting much better) and of course the fact that I cannot run because of my hip, so my coach makes sure my cardio is built around that.

Being an athlete is amazing. I don't spend as much time at home as I would like to but my husband is so supportive and loves what I do! He helps me in so many ways!

Future plans- as of right now we are focused on NorthCoast and we do have some other plans for this year and even bigger plans for next year but those I have to keep secret for now.

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