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Kenzie: My entire life I have been competitive, I showed horses growing up and loved it. I was so passionate about it but then I became really allergic to them to the point where I can't really be around them anymore without my emergency inhaler. When I went to college I was very indecisive about what I wanted to do and took an interest in nutrition and fitness classes. I fell in love with the science and I fell in love with the training. I moved to San Diego, California and attended The National Personal Training Institute as well as the National Association of Sports Nutrition, graduating with honors in my classes. I trained at World Gym, San Diego where I met my friend Tammy who was actually training for her first competition under the direction of Meriza Deguzman (now Ciccone). I loved how fit she looked and that's when I knew I wanted to compete.

Diet- my diet for improvement season is a lot different than my diet on prep. It's always changing, but on prep it's a lot more strict. I eat a ton of fish on prep and not so much during improvement season. My favorite, most effective diet I've tried would be Keto. I felt less hungry, craved less foods because of all the fat and protein I was consuming.

Diet trial and error- well I have tried a number of things but I found that listening to my coach IFBB Pro Nicole Phinney is the only way. I've tried all the fad diets to do my own research, I've tried the wraps, the shakes, even the shake weight (lol) just to see what it was all about and nothing works half as much as good old fashioned diet and exercise. I eat at certain times every day and train at the same time every day.

Components of training: I always say balance is key! My training consists of a ton of back shoulders and lower body plyometrics as well as High Intensity Cardio sessions. Genetically my arms are pretty muscular so we don't focus on those as much due to the fact that they grow so easily. My legs tend to be bigger, and after riding horses all my life it's very hard to trim them down but we are getting there. I build muscle very very easily in certain areas. My diet is completely based off of my training and my lifestyle. I consult with IFBB pro Nicole Phinney during both improvement season and prep 100% of the time. My training consists of higher reps and really focusing on squeezing my muscles.

Confidence- honestly I have always struggled with self confidence but fitness has made it so much better! I have to say though what really helps me with my confidence to step on stage is my fiance Brad who is always there for me, helping me prep, making sure I eat on time, always telling me how beautiful he thinks I am & my coach IFBB pro Nicole Phinney. She makes sure to build each clients self esteem so when it comes time to hit the stage, there are no nerves, there are no shakes or dizziness, it's just you and the lights. Of course she is behind the curtain or in the audience yelling at you to open up or flip your hair lol.

Contests- I tend to get nervous the week before, mixed feelings, highs and lows but I think that's the water and sodium depletion. Right before I get on stage I am extremely relaxed and comfortable. The last show which was Northcoast championships in Kent Ohio, was probably the best I've ever been mentally and physically. Prejudging all I think about is hitting that back pose, not falling, smiling and how bad I want water.

Future plans: Coach and I have discussed a longer improvement season so I will most likely be hitting the stage spring 2017. The goal is to qualify for nationals and hit the national stage and see where the cards may fall! This improvement season will be by far my best yet and we are bringing a completely different package to the stage in 2017! We have a plan but I can't give away all my secrets (: Also I will be getting married in August of 2016 so we are very excited for that!

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Name: Kenzie Lindo
Personal trainer, sports nutritionist, TC muscle Athlete, NPC Figure competitor, kickboxing instructor, sports conditioning specialist.
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