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When I was in the Marines I started lifting with the guys and they pushed me past my limits. I loved feeling stronger and stronger. I kept pushing and eventually put some muscle on my tiny frame and people asked if I competed. I competed in 2001 for the first time, end of that story and I fell in love with it.

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2001- 2018... yes, I took 10 years off, yes I always wanted this. Yes I'm kinda old. . . #ifbbpro #ifbbproleague #klf #ifbbprophysique #bodybuilding #competitionseason #inseason #showprep #onlineshowprep #mealprep #personaltrainer #kellylynnfit #muscles #legs #shesquats #shelifts #abs #girlswholift #contestprep #precontest #prepcoach #onlinecoaching #fitnessmotivation #npc #gym #fitnessmodel #npccompetitor #transform #physique #wpd

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Diet: Offseason to precontest diets vary by slowly reducing carbohydrates and increasing water intake. My caloric intake goes down, cardio increases gradually and my protein stays relatively high. I respond well to lower carbs into the shows. That is what I did to obtain my IFBB Pro Card at the 2018 Caribbean Grand Prix.
Failed diets: Carb loading and fat loading, I like to carb cycle but it has to be a slight difference of carb intake by a few macros in order to work for me. Into a show on peak week, carb loading is too unpredictable and tricky, so I prefer to reverse carb load. Fat loading is another nemesis because I already crave fats in my prep let alone introducing any nut butter. Anything crunchy like crunchy pb or nuts is my ultimate downfall.

I lift 5-6 times a week offseason and 7 in prep. Cardio increases from under 40 minutes up to possibly 2 hours depending on conditioning and which division I have competed in. I use a combination of high intensity interval cardio with low intensity steady state. I love the stepmill and plyos.

I think I always believed in myself. After becoming a Marine, I learned to love my flaws and just pursue what my heart desires. I chased my dreams and in two years after a hiatus, became a two time IFBB Pro card winner.

So going into Nationals, I knew I spilled over. Scratch that show because I pulled it together two weeks later and did a show Dec 1 called the Caribbean Grand Prix in the Bahamas which was an international IFBB Pro qualifier. I was nervous like any competitor becomes prior to the show. At check-ins I was feeling a slight bit of doubt, but I try to conquer the nerves. Show day was much different. I woke up where I needed to be and held my condition throughout the whole event. Knowing that on stage when I stood in the line-up I was center stage and didn't move not only in physique but my attempt at bodybuilding, I did well. I knew I was at least top three. After prejudging multiple people told me I was going to get first. Then baam, I walked away with two IFBB Pro cards. I can't believe it still. It truly is surreal knowing I dreamt of that moment when I was just 20 years old. Now that I am 38, it's literally a dream come true. I am grateful for the win and the opportunity to be on stage with the pros.

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Life as an athlete: It makes me strive harder for my goals whatever they may be. I am a go-getter. I do not stop until I get to where I need to be. I guess it's the Marine in me or maybe I was just born with this inside of me.

Future plans: Competing as a pro in 2019. Watch out for my debut :)

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