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I have always led an active lifestyle and was a competitive gymnast until my early teens. It wasn’t, however, until I was around 20 that I discovered the love of weight training. At the time, my partner and I moved to the other side of Australia away from all family and friends. He worked away a lot which left me quite lonely and needing to fill the void of not having him there which is when I discovered the gym. I continued weight training during and following each of my 3 pregnancies, and made my fitness ‘me’ time. After becoming a mother I noticed how a lot of other women really gave up after having babies and seemed to believe it was all over for them. They were no longer able to make themselves a priority or achieve their body goals. I refused to believe this and it led me to achieving my certificate III in Fitness and begin teaching Zumba classes. I wanted women to believe they could still look after themselves, have time for them, and feel great as well as have a family.

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I am definitely later than most to the competing game, after my children, but it is something I thought about for a long time. Self-esteem and self-confidence, however, were a big issue for me so I thought it would be a dream that I would never be brave enough to achieve. It wasn’t until a close friend expressed her interest in competing and convinced me to join her that I started the process in 2014. She was wonderful enough to research and recruit a coach for our diet and training and although she never made it to the stage, I am grateful that she helped start my journey.


I am currently in my first off season after competing 3 seasons in a row and prepping for approximately 2 years. I am still trying to find the balance of an off season diet. I am slowly increasing my carbs and adding more colour and variety while still eating clean and maintaining 6 meals per day. My comp season diet is quite strict and regimented, manipulating carbs as comp day approaches dependant on how my body fat is dropping. It comprises mostly of egg whites, chicken, fish, greens, almonds, oats and brown rice. I put total trust in my coach that she knows what is best for me. There are so many opinions on diets in this industry that it is very easy to get confused with knowing what the right approach is. I have chosen to listen to my coach and follow her instructions even if I don’t like what I hear! Ha-ha


When it comes to training I try to keep in mind that the Zumba classes I instruct are part of my cardio and I need to be careful not to overtrain. In comp prep I complete an hour of fasted cardio every morning and weight train 6 times per week in addition to the classes I teach. Each weight session is broken into individual body parts. Cardio increases as comp day approaches if my body fat is not reducing quickly enough.

Now that I am in off season I am enjoying mixing up my training. I have stopped fasted cardio at the moment and am focusing on strength in my weight training sessions. I love reaching new PBs and use that as my new goal when I don’t have upcoming comps to focus on. I also put extra attention into my weaker areas so I really make some gains and am able to see improvements when I am lean again. I have added in a few quick high intensity cardio sessions like stair runs and sled pushes per week also following weights sessions. I want to keep my body guessing by trying different training to ultimately achieve better results.

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Stage Confidence and Comp Days

As I have suffered from anxiety, low self-esteem and self-confidence for as long as I can remember I knew that stepping on stage would be my biggest challenge. I am an extremely driven and focused person so I set myself the challenge to face my biggest fear. If I could achieve being up on stage and judged purely on my physical appeal and appearance, I could achieve anything!! It definitely wasn’t easy. I had trouble picturing myself even getting on stage. There was a point I had to remove myself from social media temporarily as it is so hard not to compare yourself to all the other amazingly fit and beautiful bodies out there. In the end I put trust in those around me that I was ready and I was worthy enough to be part of this industry. I remember waiting for my hair and makeup to be done at INBA Nationals, my second competition. Everyone looked amazing and I wanted to message my coach and tell her that I shouldn’t be here, I wasn’t good enough! That day I ended up winning my category. It changed things for me and I started to believe in myself. With each season and each competition my confidence on stage grows and I have made some special friends in the industry. When you have worked so hard for months to achieve your physique, comp days become all about finally showing that. I have earned the body, I am in the best condition of my life and I deserve to enjoy it.

In the 3 seasons I have competed in since 2015 I have been fortunate enough to achieve:
6th place 30+ Fitness Model - ANB Nationals 2015
1st place 30+ Fitness Model - INBA Nationals 2015
2nd place 30+ Fitness Model – ANB Newcastle Classic 2015
2nd place 30+ Fitness Model – ANB South Coast Championships 2016
3rd place 30+ Fitness Model – ANB Nationals 2016
5th place Novice Fitness Model – ANB Nationals 2016

Future Plans

Being disciplined and determined can be amazing traits but they can also have a flip side. I have pushed myself to the limits over the last two years both physically and mentally while competing. This year during and following season A, my body began showing signs of stress and damage which will take some to recover. Balance has never been my strong point so I am currently trying to find the balance between achieving results and my health, and realising that sometimes less is more.

I love competing and I have plans to compete again in 2017. I am trying to hold myself back from beginning again too soon as I want to ensure my body is healthy and able to cope with the stresses competing demands. I also want each season to be better than the last and be able to see my improvements.

In the meantime, I hope to continue to inspire and motivate other women. It is not too late to be who you want to be and achieve your dreams after children, and I am living proof of that.

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