Kea Earley - Figure Competitor

I started competing b/c I was going through a tough time and needed something else to focus on.

My diet changes DRASTICALLY from off season to pre-contest. I donít do much dieting on my off season. I eat whatever I want when Iím not competing. I have found the most effective thing for my body for losing weight (cutting) is the most basic. I cut my sugar intake. No more cookies, cakes, ice cappuccinos, etc. For building muscle I increase my green vegetables intake, and just make sure Iím eating enough to coincide with my workouts. When I started my first diet plan was A LOT of fish and chicken. That is typical for most competitors. However, I am a HUGE meat eater already, so I think my body was already used to that and didnít respond well. Increasing my meat/protein intake only made my weight increase and made it that much harder for me to lose weight.

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I found the confidence to do a show by looking in the mirror. I wasnít getting any younger and it was kind of now or never. So I found an amazing coach (that is key). She was so positive about the whole thing. She made it really seem like it wasnít that big of a deal. When I got there I saw that it was indeed a big deal, but it didnít matter. I was already there. Also, I didnít tell anybody I was doing a show, so there was no pressure. When you do these shows you have 100 people in your ear telling you what's best for you. It drives you crazy. I keep a pretty low profile to stay focused better.

My training includes a little bit of everything. I do cardio every day, that consists of boxing, gymnastics, yoga, etc. I like to mix it up so it doesn't get too tedious. I lift immediately after so I can just get it over with for the day. I try to get everything done in the morning so when I go back in the evening it's all bonus work. Balancing diet and workouts is tough. It would be much more easy if I weren't working full time as well. That's what makes it extremely tough. Working 8 hours a day and trying to get your food, supplements, workout and posing done is BRUTAL. You most definitely have to prep your meals days ahead. You even have to be prepared to eat your food cold sometimes. It doesnít sound the most pleasant but itís a short amount of time, and you only get back what you put out. Itís a small sacrifice to pay for great results.

My last show was one of my most fun shows. Check in is normally a breeze, prejudging is probably the most nerve wracking. Thatís just b/c you basically know how you will place. By the time the Finals came around I was calm and just ready to get it done. I had worked hard so I knew whatever the outcome I couldnít be upset with myself. It was really the first time I wasnít overly nervous. I was very happy with myself overall.

Being an athlete builds that drive in you that you tend to carry over into the rest of your life. Even your personal life it makes your more competitive, and gets mentally ready for challenges and obstacles that are ALWAYS there. Always have the need to try something new just for the challenge. When there isnít a challenge I actually feel kind of lost.

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In the future I would like to try and crossover to Fitness. I love the outfits and routines. I like that you get to make it your own. I think it will be a really fun transition. I canít wait to get started after this season. So be on the look out.


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