Kaylar Shavette - Physique Competitor

Kaylar Shavette second place Eastern NPC over 35 and masters.

Iíve wanted to compete since I was in junior high school; my gym teacher was a body builder. Said I wanted to get it done before I turned 30. I am 43 came in second place for eastern NPC physique competition

My eating lifestyle pretty much stays the same. Only difference is off season I may not eat all my meals on time and I do snack. 6 meals a day total calories 2660 in the beginning of prep I eat 4oz protein and 1 cup of vegetables. When itís closer to competition 8oz of protein every meal. Carbs after heavy workout only and 1/3 at breakfast.

This was my first competition and my meal plan by #performancecoachingbydickens worked for me. Some things had to change in the meal due to things like gas and or fatigue. The stage is one of the reasons why I competed. I love to show off my hard work and it in itself helps me become even more motivated and confident.

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Thank you all for the birthday love! ?????? Some people have cake on their birthday, well, this year, as you can see in my Instagram story, I had birthday rice cakes ?? #npcpreplife ?? #dedicated

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My training consists of morning fasted cardio 45 minutes 5 days week. Heavy lifting high reps. Monday quads and triceps Tuesday back Wednesday hamstrings and glutes. Thursday chest and biceps Friday abs and shoulders. My favorite body part to train is back. The body part that needs the most work that Iím not happy to train is glutes. 20 to 25 reps. Killer but it works.

I was so excited to showcase all my hard work felt like my turn would never come. Sitting around for your time. Standing with all these beautiful physiques and feeling like I belong here. I was so excited especially knowing my family was watching. When I tell you when I got on that stage for prejudging I gave my all. Not for the win but because what I went through to get there. My journey was amazing and worth every second.

Being an athlete is who I am itís part of my lifestyle. I am a full time trainer coach and motivator. I eat and sleep fitness.

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What Hump? #humpday Wednesday pushing through any hump in my way. #strongerthenyouthink #cantstopwontstop My back has never been stronger. With proper form using my #glutes and staying low pushing my #hamstrings to work #motivation #support #fittbodyfitness @performancecoachingbydickens #girlswholiftweights #ruva_afric_wear

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I plan on competing again soon and I also want my business Kaylar Total Body Fitness inc. to influence and change people lives also to have my own fitness clothing line. Modeling fitness apparel is my next task and be the best me I can be.

IG https://www.instagram.com/kaylar.shavette
E-mail: ktotalbodyfitness@yahoo.com

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