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I began competing in 2014 and decided that this was going to be my next fitness journey after attending my first Arnold Classic in 2013. I had accomplished every fitness goal I set for myself and found myself wondering "what now?" I had the privilege of going backstage and seeing the athletes pump up and immediately was mesmerized knowing I HAD to do this.

This year I've started working with a new coach so we will see! Previously I wasn't eating near enough and was very weak and low on energy during pre-contest and then calories would going up and carbs would increase during off season and I would begin to blow up like a balloon. I'll begin prep soon and my calories are sitting around 2,500-3,000 with 7 meals a day and a considerable amount of carbs. My muscles are full and I have so much more energy!

Scrolling through #insta today I saw a simple post and was reminded of something SO important that many of us forget and that is that it is NEVER selfish to work on yourself!!???? There is always ALWAYS room for improvement whether it be in your career, in the gym, or in your personal life???????? Never shy away from that which will help create for you better and stronger in life!!!?? #improvement #healthy #happy #motivate #blessed #thankful #struggle #emerge #OsterStrong #tr?fitness #tr?aesthetics #tr?athlete #staytr? #lifelessons #wakeupcall #flex #femalemuscle #WPD #NPC #womensphysique #progress #future #success #goals #driven #frontdoublebi

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Plans that don't work for me are the ones where I'm not getting in enough calories to help fuel my body for the workouts that I am doing. I find myself very low on energy relying majorly on pre-workouts and anything with caffeine to help get me through the day. Not to mention following a plan that doesn't feed my body the way it needs I start becoming more prone to injuries as well.

Weight lifting comprises a huge portion of my training and then there's also some HIIT training involved about 3 times a week. With my weight training I'm not only lifting heavier weight but combining that with more reps as well. I think of balancing my training and diet as a "give and take." I have to give my body the fuel it needs in order to be able to give the most in my training. I make sure I'm always prepared with my meals any time that I'm away from the house or traveling!

The biggest thing for me was finding the division that was right for me! I had previously competed in both bikini and figure and neither was a good match for me personally. As a women's physique competitor I found myself so much more comfortable with the body I had built, not having to wear heels and having the chance to do a routine as well which is so similar to when I was a gymnast. All of these factors contributed to me being able to "strut my stuff" on stage as opposed to nervously posing and trying to keep my composure.

The last show I did was the Northcoast Championships in Kent, OH and it was such an amazing experience! I remember feeling excited but nervous going into check-ins not knowing how long it would take and then a huge sense of calmness came over me because everything ran so smoothly. Prejudging seemed to fly by but not in a chaotic way, which helped make it that much more fun being able to enjoy every moment of the show and stay calm not stressing about getting on stage. Finals was just an absolute blast!! The walk through the venue across the stage to doing my routine for the first time, to the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment taking 3rd place and qualifying for nationals!

Being an athlete affects just about every aspect of my life and truly having to be diligent with my time management. Finding a way to balance work, training, social life, cooking, etc. When you have a goal it doesn't matter what you have to do to accomplish it, you make it work. That usually means late nights and early mornings and even improvising a workout in your basement here or there because life happens and you couldn't make it to the gym. There is no time for excuses and it may take time but you find a way to make it all work!

Future plans right now are going to include formulating a plan for the 2018 Arnold Amateur. It's been two years since I've competed and we're coming out of the gates with a big first show and I couldn't be more stoked about it! I'm going for my pro card and from there we will see!!

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