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Iíve been a dual sport athlete all my life. I played volleyball and ran track in both high school and in college and did weight training for them both! I started lifting weights when I was 12 or 13, and I was hooked on lifting from the start. I always wanted to be the strongest and the fastest girl, and even be better that the boys. My dad was a competitive power lifter before I was born, and he taught me how to lift and taught me about working hard for what I want! After my college career in sports I decided to do powerlifting, then I got into Olympic lifting and competed in both.

Then one day at the gym a figure competitor approached me and said I had a great physique for bodybuilding and that I should try it! So she gave me her coach's info and I called him up and Iíve been working with him on his team, team X-frame Army since August 2016! The original plan was to be in womenís physique but I got a back injury in Nov 2016 and had to put prepping for my first show of for 2 months. I lost muscle mass so I decided once I was cleared by the dr in Jan 2017 I decided to just work on getting super lean and competed in figure. I did two shows in figure and then I had a month off where I ended up putting back on the muscle I lost and then some and coach decided I was too big for figure to moved to ďthe dark sideĒ thatís what my team mate ifbb pro in wpd Bianca calls it. Did my first wpd show at the end of Oct. placed 2nd in my class, which was a little disheartening but it lit a fire under my ass to do even better for my next one in March 2018!

Physique debut, first routine ever! I was nervous af but it was sooo much fun! Canít wait to do it again next year! . Video cred: @bianca_longsocks_scott . . . . . #bodybuilding #physique #wpd #charlotte #xframearmyathlete #delts #showprep #fitness #girlswholift #bisfortheguys #muscle #cratuslabs #bpi #mpasupps #posing #herbiceps #gotmuscle #flex #muscles #vascular #abs #competitionprep #shredded #savage #immortalmuscle #eattheweak #veinnutrition @xframe_army @hungrytwins @runeverythinglabs @cratuslabs @mpasupps @sparkofmuscle @herbiceps @gotmuscle @veinnutrition @girlswholift @bodybuildingcom @bodybuilding_motivation

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Diet: Off season diet is still clean, or as clean as possible. I try to only cheat on back and glute days bc those are the areas I need to grow the most. I get more carbs throughout the day during off season. Competition prep, starts out similar to off season diet, but gradually I get less and less carbs as I work through my prep. Come peak week, depending on how Iím looking, I get fed a little more. The best diet for me has been having high, medium, and low carb days. High carbs on upper body lift days, medium carbs on lower body lift days and low carbs on off days.

Iíve come to find that my digestion gets really messed up when I donít have enough carbs. So the little to no carb diets werenít successful for me. So my coach and I had to do some trial and error to figure out how to avoid that, hence us coming to the high, medium, low carb plan.

During prep I would wake up in the morning to fasted cardio, then I would have my first meal. I would eat every 2.5-3 hrs, get my lift in after my second meal usually. I have done a 2 days on 1 day off for my lifts doing upper on one day, either shoulders and tris or back and bis, the leg days were either glutes and hams or quads. I currently am doing 6 days on 1 day off where Iím doing chest/shoulders/tris, then back and bis, then a glute/ham day, then shoulders/tris, then back/bis, and finally a quad day. i do a mix of both HITT (bike sprints 20s fast 40s easy for 20-30mins) and steady state cardio (stair climber) post lift on upper body days, no post lift cardio on leg days tho. i Drink my shake after my lift, eat my post workout meal 1.5 hrs after, then the last 2 meals are again spaced out 2.5-3 hrs.

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Self-confidence: Practice, practice, practice!! I would practice strutting my stuff in the gym while other people were there. Posing in between sets during a lift, working on my routine with my coach, in my suit, half naked at the gym I think really helped!

Itís always a little nerve racking at athlete check in. Youíre scanning the room trying to size yourself up and scout out your competition, but if youíre smart like myself I always wear really baggy clothes so that my physique is more of a surprise! Pre-judging, Iím just staying off my feet and trying to focus on me and not worry about anything else! Best advice I can ever give to someone for their first show would be to have a friend thatís not competing or a significant other basically be your slave for you! You gotta stay off your feet as much as possible! And always make sure you have enough meals for you at the show! Make sure youíve got everything ready a couple days before the show so you have zero stress on the big day! Stress can make you hold water and bloat as well as get constipated (bring laxatives just in case)! Focusing on your posing during pre judging. Run through it a couple times on your feet then sit your butt down and put your feet up then run through it all in your head!

Iíve learned that your presence is just as important as nailing each pose! You donít wanna look like a stiff robot up there! Pre judging is serious but youíve got walk up there with confidence and sass! Finals, this is the fun part! Have fun with it! Run through your routine in your head! Listen to your posing song, keep those feet up and just have fun! Iím still a nervous wreck even though the judges have usually made their decision already. But you can still potentially sway the vote, so I try to stay level headed and calm! Each show Iíve been at Iíve not placed where I wanted to/deserved to and it was really hard to not show disappointment, but I do my best to hold it together on stage, and I still need to get better at holding it together backstage too but itís hard sometimes. But you gotta realize that ppl see what you do back there and ppl talk. So keep your cool and freak out later. You donít wanna get a bad rep for having a bad attitude.

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Life as an athlete: Well in order to be good at this sport, it has to be your whole life I think. Itís hard tho, I wonít ever tell anyone that itís easy. I have 2 jobs, luckily both are working at gyms, but they still require my 100% focus and during prep itís hard to focus 100% when youíre starving 5 mins after eating, your body is tired and sore from all the cardio and lifting, and youíre counting down the mins till your next meal. But I love the bodybuilding community and I love me team. I donít do much stuff outside of the gym, especially during prep, to avoid the temptation to cheat my diet. And sleep is oh so important for recovery, donít get much sleep if you go out and party every night. My day would literally be wake up, play with the dog, go teach my group fitness class for 45mins, do my fasted cardio, go back home to drink my shake and make the rest of my meals for the day, then lift before going to my next job, finish work, go home play with my dog, and go to bed. I usually donít stay up much later than 9:30pm.

Future plans: Keep working as a strength and conditioning coach, and Continue to work towards getting my pro card, and work my way to the Olympia stage!

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