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I got into competing because I knew another girl that did it and I really admired how hard she worked and the results she got from being so disciplined and consistent in the gym. Once I saw the girls on stage I knew that doing bikini competitions was something I wanted to do. I entered into my first prep and I was hooked. I loved everything about competing and prep from start to finish.

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My diet doesn't change much between off-season and prep. In off-season I eat in a moderate caloric surplus to gain muscle while gaining minimal fat and in prep I eat in a caloric deficit to lose body fat. I keep my meals and meal timing consistent both in off-season and when I'm in prep. I do take weekly "free" meals when I'm in off season and do more structured tracked refeeds while in prep. I track my macros and have found this is the most sustainable way to managing my diet. I have always followed IIFYM - if it fits your macros and never looked back. I think this is the most sustainable and effective way to track your caloric intake and helps me achieve my goals.

I grew up a dancer, cheerleader, and state champion swimmer. I enjoy being on stage and being competitive. It's second nature to me. Bikini posing definitely takes practice, but it's a fun challenge and I love getting up on stage and showing off all my hard work.

I lift 5x per week doing heavy compound lifts and some lighter metabolic stress work. Cardio is used as a tool in prep to increase overall calorie expenditure. In off-season I do one to two 20 minute sessions per week low intensity steady state incline walking. In competition prep I have done both HIIT and steady state cardio.

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One of my favorite moments. The second I stepped off stage after receiving 1st place.?? This is the selfie I snapped to send to my coach letting him know WE did it. . . 20 weeks of countless lifts, cardio sessions, meals, posing sessions, and check ins. I’m not going to say it was always easy, but what I will say is I love the process. No one can do any of those things for me, and at the end of the day when I step on stage I know I will have given my prep (and offseason!) everything I had in the tank! . . I’m ramping up to start prep for my first national show and the hunger for this prep is there more than it’s ever been before. I’m ready to do the work and bring my best yet!?? although this sport heavily relies on the individual to execute, I couldn’t have accomplished this without boss man @nicktongstrong and the unwavering support of my hubby!?? Round 2 here we come. . . . •@ruleoneproteins “Godfrey15” - 15% off . . #tongstrong #prep #npcbikini #bikiniprep #iifym #instadaily #npc #iifymgirls #girlswholift #instagood #love #photooftheday # #macros #fitness #workout #progress #motivation #shelifts #girlswithabs #abs #fit #gains #determined #consistent #dedication #happy #healthy #goals #rule1proteins

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I think with every competition it is very normal to be nervous! I know for me personally I'm always very nervous/anxious at the athlete check-ins and prior to prejudging. I want to always make sure everything is on point and usually when I'm nervous I come off as a very quiet person. Once I hit the stage for prejudging it's like all my nerves fly away and I'm able to be confident and bring personality to the stage. Once prejudging is over I usually feel like a huge weight has been lifted, knowing that I gave it my all. Between prejudging and finals I usually eat a meal and relax with my family that is there supporting me and get ready for Finals. Finals is usually the most fun of the entire day because you have all of your friends and family there cheering you on and you really get to just go up there and have fun!

I think being an athlete flows over into all areas of my life in a very positive way. It's shown me how to set a goal and follow through, be disciplined, and have good time management skills. Being an athlete also has taught me how to live a healthy life that will continue to impact me later in life even after I am done competing.

My plan this year is to get up on the national stages and chase after my IFBB pro card.

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